10 DIY garden tag ideas to beautify the garden

This summer, I make my own garden tags!

In the kitchen garden as on the terrace, the garden labels play a dual role: not only do they identify the seedlings, but they also give the garden a personality of its own. So to create garden labels that will allow you to identify your aromatics while sublimating your little piece of paradise, here are 10 models of labels to make yourself …

I make garden tags with terracotta pots

Forget about plastic and make room for noble materials! Terracotta and ceramics bring to the kitchen garden a touch of authenticity and a unique charm. For terracotta garden tags, simply recycle your broken or damaged pots. Write the name of the varieties on the ledge and bury the shards in the soil deep enough for the label to appear from the ground. If not in a large garden, we love the idea of ​​spilling small pots on wooden spades!
08727826-photo-labels-of-garden-pot-in-the-land cuite.jpg
Terracotta labels that blend into the landscape …

I make garden tags with wooden spoons

What kitchen accessory is ideal for making garden tags with kids? The wooden spoon! The larger it is, the more space it has to write and draw the name of its vegetables and aromatics. For an optimal result, use a pyrograver, otherwise prepare the spoon with an undercoat of wood paint.
Colored wooden labels for a fun and educational vegetable garden!

I make garden labels with cutlery

In stainless steel or plastic, forks and spoons are just asking for a second life of garden labels. The great trend of the moment is even to turn its silverware into garden labels of an aristocratic elegance! But whatever the material, there are two schools: those who plant the handle in the ground and those who do the opposite and write the name of the variety on the handle. Depending on the material, the names of the varieties are engraved, pasted or painted …. If you opt for the forks, you can also plant the handle and insert a plastic label between the teeth.
We finally know how to recycle the cutlery in grandma’s money!

I make garden labels in fimo paste

Ultra-chic, these garden labels are easily made with fimo clay or polymer clay. After making small rolls of dough, they are spread with a rolling pin to give them the shape of small sticks. Then we write the name of the varieties with small alphabet rubber stamps. Once ready, all that remains is to cook them or let them dry. The complete tutorial is to be found here!
DIY labels perfect for an indoor garden

I’m making garden tags in old clothespins

For a pot garden or herb garden, old clothespins are being recycled to create stylish, original wooden labels.Just write the name of the variety on the wood with the technique of his choice (the bravest will opt for pyrography, the others will take a marker!) And put the clothespin on the edge of the pot. Chic, no?
The new life of the old clothes pegs

I make garden labels in clothespins (bis)

Always in the range of clothes pegs, the traditional models are also transformed into garden labels in a jiffy. Simply write the name of the variety on one side (or both), and hang the clothespin horizontally on a wooden spike. And if you want to paint the clips or draw patterns and drawings, do not hesitate!
A clothespin to label his varieties? You had to think about it!

I make garden tags with twigs

For a chic rustic garden, the ideal garden label is made with a simple branch tip. Start by gathering your twigs of similar diameter and diameter, then cut the bark on a few centimeters with a knife or a thrift. Write the name of the variety in black pen, and plant!
Labels of an elegant simplicity

I’m making garden tags with ice sticks

Always in the spirit of wood, these garden tags are made with pyrographed eskimo sticks, but nothing prevents you from writing on them with a marker or paint them with wood paint. Perfect labels for aromatics planted in pots or planter on the balcony or the edge of the terrace.
And who will have to eat ice cream this summer?

I make garden tags with corks

Among the countless things that can be done with corks, there are of course the garden tags! A black marker to write the name of the aromatic es, a skewer, and presto, you’re done!
Simple and efficient !

I make pebble labels

In a seaside garden, the pebbles make it possible to create mineral and clean labels. Prefer acrylic felts, white if your pebbles are dark or black if your pebbles are white … A very beautiful decoration for a small garden of aromatics, to be discouraged however with the big kitchen garden because pebbles could move and make you lose the wire !
Finally, slate remains a favorite material for creating timeless gardens. Attempted ? Find our complete tutorial to make slate garden labels!
The labels of my seaside garden …