10 DIY to help birds to overwinter

For the birds of our gardens, our cities and our countryside, winter is a real obstacle course. Between the frozen earth, the icy wind and the galloping urbanization, the search for food can even turn into a real bird nightmare. So until the return of sweetness, these feeders tinkered with recycled objects will be a great help to our feathered friends!


Seeds for birds in a grapefruit

Directions for use: Fully recyclable and biodegradable, this feeder was made with a grapefruit cut in two and hollowed out. Two small holes pierced with the tip of the scissors made it possible to pass a string to suspend it to a branch of tree. On both sides small pieces of wood have been planted as perches.
Tip # 1: Hang your feeders close enough to the house to enjoy the sight of feeding birds, but far enough away from cats and other predators!
08791582-photo-bird feeder-with-boxes-of-box preserve.jpg



A birdhouse in milk bricks

How to use it: Anglo-Saxons love these torn bird shelters from cardboard boxes of milk.We borrow the idea by recycling our Tetra Paks into feeders for small birds. A scissors to clear the opening, a stroke of paint for decoration, a mini-perch planted on the front, a mixture of seeds, and voilĂ !
Tip # 3 : If you do not want to buy commercial birdseed blends, offer them apples, wheat or barley, sunflower seeds, margarine, cooked rice, corn kernels or even raisins.
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A bird bar in a box of eggs

Instructions: General tour! With this manger made in two parts three movements with a box of twelve eggs and two strings, the birds will make a feast of king! You can also have fun putting one type of seed per cell to see which ones have the most success.
Tip # 4 : Remember to keep the feeder away from the wind so as not to disturb their tasting!



A winter seed cocktail

How to use it: Like winter, birds need a lot of fat, they have a nice mixture of seeds incorporated in margarine or butter without salt. This greasy porridge is placed in a chipped cup, which is then recycled into a manger. While cooling, the dough hardens, and then just put a rod to create a small perch. The cup is then suspended from a branch by hanging a string at the handle, and that’s it!
Tip # 5: Fat breads are also commercially available, but otherwise you will find many recipes on the internet.
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An ice-stick seed pool

How to use it: If last summer, you carefully kept your eskimo sticks, this is the time for them recycle by making a design manger for robins and warblers. Some glue points, a little patience, you’re almost there ..

Tip # 6: Once you start feeding the birds, do not stop in the middle of the winter, it could be fatal. On the other hand, as soon as the spring returns, it is absolutely necessary to stop not making them dependent.



More ideas found on Pinterest

In addition to these 6 ideas, we’ve spotted some cool things on Pinterest:
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