10 good decor resolutions to take at the show

The new year that begins brings with it a desire for change. After the holidays, we are surprised to want to transform the decor to start the year off right. And if it was enough to change the living room to have the impression to change everything? With these 10 good decorative resolutions, the year starts well!


1. I take the time to change the salon

The first good resolution to take is to agree to get out of the routine and shake up habits. We look at our living room with a fresh eye and we wonder if we can not change the sofa instead, repaint the coffee table or create a reading corner in one corner. Sometimes you just have to invert the furniture to feel like you’re expanding the space! Come on, zou! This year, we are ready to change everything.
2 days to revamp my living room with a micro-budget



2. I think feng shui

And if this year, we were inspired by the oriental wisdom to live better? In the living room, this begins concretely with some rules of feng shui easy to implement: we do not let anything drag on the ground to let the energy flow, we make sure that the sofa is placed in a position where we dominate the room, we make sure to keep a balance between the wooden and metal elements, we add some green plants and we think zen … And above all, we do a regular cleaning all windows open, it’s already a good crazy! />



5. I’m inspired by hygge and lagom

All these plants would find their place in a Scandinavian interior like those we dream on Instagram. And that’s good, since the fifth good resolution is to draw inspiration from the hygge, the art of living of the Danes, and Lagom, the art of living of Swedes. The first ones made cocooning a real national sport: they are imitated by using and abusing candles, soft plaids, cups of hot chocolate, and then lounging on the couch reading a good book, portable off. In Sweden, one also cultivates the pleasure of simple things, with a mantra in mind: neither too much nor too little. We avoid doing crazy things and we refocus on the essential.For sure, the year will be balanced, happy and serene.



6. I dare the color

But who says lagom does not say bored for all that. Moreover, this year, we dare some deco positions by introducing strong colors in the living room. Midnight blue, mustard yellow, opaline green or Indian pink, we have fun with some cushions and one or two pots of paint.
08787478-color-photo-at the salon-mdm.jpg



7. I offer myself a work of designer

Without being crazy (to stay lagom), this year we offer ourselves (or is offered), a beautiful piece that will set the tone in the living room for the next few years .Even if you want to save on unnecessary little decorative accessories, you take the time to look for the lighting, the sofa or the carpet of your dreams. This year, we manage our budget.



8. I heal the lighting

For the year to be bright and soft, we redesign the lighting in the living room so that evenings are really more soothing. This year, it’s simple, we turn off the ceiling light and multiple sources of light …



9. I give TV back its right place

If the spirit of feng shui, hygge and lagom start to blow in the living room, it is time to look at something other than television! So this year, we take the time to be together, read a book, tinker or daydream away from the screens. And for this good resolution to last more than 8 days, we do not put the post in the center of attention.
Our tips for integrating television in the living room



10. We create a corner for children

And to enjoy the family show, this year, it is divided into several spaces so that children and teenagers also want to spend time. For sure, this year will be friendly!