10 good resolutions at the office

Whether it’s to find inspiration, gain productivity or stimulate your creativity, this year, you’ll get the most out of your work. At home or in open-space, these 10 good resolutions easy to put in place should make you want to go to work … We test?


1. I sort through the papers

If your office is so covered with papers that you hardly see what material it is made of, it’s time to do some sorting! On Friday night, when the biggest files of the week have been processed, it takes a few hours to classify, sort, archive and especially discard all those papers that are no longer used for anything. Once the office is cleared, we highlight the files in progress and we look forward to seeing more clearly. But be careful not to overdo it, because as Einstein said, “if the sight of a cluttered desk evokes a cluttered mind while thinking of that of an empty office?”



3. I clean my desk more often

Even if you work in a housekeeping business during your absence, only you can really clean your workspace, where they post and classified files “confidential” accumulate.And if you work on your own, then you know it’s likely that this good resolution is talking to you! So once a week, we dust, we pass the sponge and we have to circulate the right energies. It must shine! And once a month, we also think of cleaning his computer keyboard with a bomb, a cloth moistened with white vinegar and cotton swabs.



4. I grow some green plants

Did you know that plants have the power to make us love our work? If, it is even scientifically proven: the rate of absenteeism drops dramatically when offices are green! Better, green plants help us feel good, find inspiration and even be more productive. So this year, it’s time to look at this little pot of ivy with a fresh eye. With his pretty little green leaves, he will be our coach of the year.



5. I add some objects to feel good

Next to this little pot of ivy, some personal decorative objects are the perfect accessories to make your workspace a little place to feel good. So at home as in a shared space, we love a pretty pencil pot, a funny cork board, pretty notebooks, an inspiring postcard or even some poetic stickers …



6. I’m thinking about the planet (at the office too)

This year, we promise to motivate colleagues to generate less waste and reduce their carbon footprint. For example, you can print a beautiful poster with basic advice: print less to limit paper consumption, regularly erase old e-mails that are stored on servers that consume too much energy, turn off computers at night and on weekends. (when you can), create sorting bins, convince the purchasing department to invest in “green” products, encourage carpooling to come to work … And when we work at home, we also think about reducing the heating of one or two degrees.Congratulations!



7. I take care of my back in the office

This year, it’s decided, we will not spend more time at the osteo! So we are offered a comfortable office chair, which keeps the back straight and slightly inclined backwards, but especially we often alternates positions, we get up regularly to take a few steps and we do not hesitate to practice a little stretching session when fatigue is felt.
07595793-photo-chair-office-classic-spirit-vintage. jpg



8. I take care of my eyes in the office

If you feel eye fatigue or headaches at the end of the day, take the right resolution to take care of your eyes in the office! We start by fighting the blue light with a screen or glasses adapted, then we take the good habit not to fix the screen several hours in a row.The ideal: do not place the screen in front of a wall so you can look away regularly. And during breaks, we try to let go of our smartphone, our eyes also need to rest.



9. I have lunch at the office with class

At lunch time, we manage to eat healthier, spend less and generate less waste by preparing pretty tasty bento, investing in a nice lunch box or by embarking on the preparation of salads in jars! Good appetite!



10. I install a basket of fruit to share with colleagues

And finally, at the time of the coffee or the pause taste, one avoids to crack for sweets thanks to a beautiful basket of fruits of season which makes you want to Chew in a nice apple or fill up on vitamins with some clementines. At home, we choose a beautiful decoration basket to give style to the office, and open-space, we ask each to bring fruits in turn or we are delivered by a specialized service.A year full of energy is coming!