10 signs that show you need to change decor

The decoration of your interior may not be part of your priority of the moment but if you recognize yourself in one of the following portraits, we strongly advise you to go for a ride in our shopping section everything indicates that you need to change the decor as fast as possible.


1. You make your guests sleep on a futon

Unless your style of deco is that of Zen minimalism, the futon bed especially indicates that you have not evolved in terms of bedding for decades at least. The futon may have saved many of your student friends but since the water sank under the bridges. Just as your career has evolved, it is time for your decorations to move to a higher stage. Forget the futon but also the coffee table made from a drum or the lamp lava. You have grown up, your decor needs maturity too.



2. The walls of your house are like a rainbow

The monotony of the white walls tends to give you a headache and, as Peter Pan’s song says, you prefer to dream about your life in color.You are completely right on this point but it is also possible that your search for fantasy is the excuse for too much excesses. Based on a mathematical formula a little too simple (1 piece = 1 color), you have lost sight of the essential: the rest of your eyes.



3. At home, it’s Christmas all year

If the Christmas garlands still hang on your chimney in March, it’s a sign that does not deceive. It’s not because you love this time or because you still hope to receive gifts. Do not tidy up your Christmas decorations may mean that you are no longer paying attention to what’s around you. And if you do not look around, it’s probably because you refuse to see what you do not like. Including your decoration. QED.



4. You can not find your vacuum cleaner or washing machine

Some objects or appliances are essential to the proper functioning of a house.They help keep it in good condition and ensure pleasant hygiene. If you are at a point where what needs to improve your daily life (like the vacuum cleaner) is not found in your home, it is that there is a problem. It could be a sideways way of not wanting to take care of an interior that does not look like you. Or a serious concern for organization and storage. In both cases, it is indeed a sign that you have to change decoration.



5. You always find that it’s better with others

When you come back from a meal with friends, you are inexhaustible on their decoration. You are impressed by their findings in terms of color, materials or furniture. The observation is always the same: your friends have a taste when you miss them cruelly.This reflection is however false: since they are your friends, you probably have as many decorating talents as they do. And if you really do not feel an attack to redo your interior, take advantage of the advice of your friends.



6. Your decor is vintage but really vintage

Unfortunately there are vintage and vintage. You can argue on the authentic side and flea market your decor with your friends, they retain only the look old. If you admit that the furniture and objects of your home have not been found with love but rather it is recovery and found objects, there are chances that your entourage is right. Your decor really needs a facelift and you have to know how to say no the next time your grandmother wants to get rid of an armchair.




7.You’ve had a major event

Major events like a separation, a new job, or a child’s departure from home can be very stressful. Be aware that like the new hairstyle, a new decor can be very beneficial to turn the page. Especially when it involves the departure or arrival of a new person in the dwelling. Change the decor during this period of change first of all to take care of the mind and then give you the illusion of having arrived in a new place. Ideal to pass the course!




8. If you do not even remember the color of your couch, it may be because you do not spend a lot of time at home. It’s time to wonder if this irrepressible need to go out is not the result of an unwelcoming interior. Take the time for reflection and a more cozy layout, you will then know if the walk is really part of your life or if it was only a way to escape.


9. You have no decoration …

For lack of time or means, you have never thought about your decoration in its entirety. Things happened a little by chance depending on the favorites and bargains and you only miss unity. This is the time to review your decorating by working in parts, it may be enough to revisit your layout by moving a few objects, some painted walls and voila!
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10. … Or too much!

Finally, it is also possible that you are too suggestible and that each new issue of deco magazine (or surf deco.fr!) Makes you want to do some shopping. Result: you take the trends literally forgetting to respect your tastes. By multiplying the impulsive purchases, you get the same result as before.Your interior lacks unity and worse, you do not recognize yourself in your decor. Forget the advice of others and trust: the best decorator is you!