10 tips to revamp your bathroom at a low price

You can not see her anymore in painting. But no, we do not talk about your colleague or your neighbor! But of your bathroom that seems tristounette and obsolete while you expect all the comfort and aesthetics of this body of water. So how do we turn the tide when we are running out of budget? We’ll blow you some ideas.


1. Changing the faucet

This is the ba-ba when you want to revamp your bathroom at a lower cost. And good news, to change a mixer or a sink mixer, no need to call a plumber! It’s up to you to see if you opt for a retro model or on the contrary, modern and design.
bathroom taps



2. Put a painting

And if the bathroom became a living room in itself? For this, no need for major work! We adopt some reflexes like hanging on the wall a painter’s picture or a large photograph under glass.



3. Installing a credence

A credence is a part of the wall between the worktop and the furniture. It can be made of cement tiles, mosaics or even adhesives that mimic tiling. You can have a credenza over the vanity or bathtub. By dressing your wall, this will bring a real dynamic to the room.
credence Leroy Merlin bathroom



4. Changing the shower curtain

How long has it been there? If you do not remember it, it’s not a good sign! By changing it, you will instantly change the style of your bathroom! And do not forget to maintain your shower curtain regularly, with a brush and white vinegar.



5. Put a nice mirror

It will bring the stamp to the room, enlarge the space, play with the light … Do not ignore the mirror! And by changing the model above your vanity, it’s all the style of your bathroom that will be changed.



6. Install a plant

We do not think about it enough but some plants that do not need too much light and appreciate the humidity, are very pleasant in our bathrooms! This is the case of tropical plants, papyrus or some ferns.



7. Provide an original storage

How to stand out with a bathroom full of pep and originality? By opting for an unusual storage space! The diverted and repainted crates are once again wonderful, but if you run out of space, you can opt for a ladder and put down your towels.
unusual storage bathroom



8. Change the linen

Material, thickness, color … do not neglect any detail of your towels, foutas and bath mats. They must be very soft and soft but also match the style of the rest of the bathroom.



9. Repainting the room

And if you bring color to this room? Because it is often cramped and dim, we tend to opt for a very wise white. Create volume by playing on contrasts and coloring a piece of wall in dark blue or light for example. You can also paint the basement or the ceiling!



10. Changing the light

The light in this room, often without windows, where you make up and where you get ready, is essential. Opt for ceiling lights or a pretty wall above the sink. Remember to check that they are compatible with a body of water.