3 decorating ideas to recycle garden flowers

Spring has passed and with it the flowers of the garden have lost some petals. Never mind, we recycle plants for home decor!

Usually discarded or abandoned in the middle of the garden, flowers and faded plants are now a second life thanks to the recovery. As for cooking and maintenance recipes, the petals are also used in decoration to offer a little life to our interior space. Discover our creative workshops quick and easy to do. 

Flowers are recycled on the walls

Green is on the rise! To bring a vegetal atmosphere into our interior, we can create paintings from dead plants and faded flowers. A playful and aesthetic way to use the little bits of nature of the garden to stage them on paper before framing them on the wall.

On the same principle as a herbarium, it is fun to select the flowers, petals or leaves recently fallen before immobilizing them on a nice background. Simply lying or arranged in a singular form, it is within the reach of all to design a small work of art with these pieces of foliage. Once fixed with a few dots of glue, the composition comes to life in a beautiful frame before interfering in the decor of the house.
Who said that nature and culture were opposed?

A floral table decoration for a summer lunch

An improvised lunch with the family-in-law or simply want to treat yourself to a nice dinner table: you pick in the garden to collect petals and fallen leaves.

But to change the usual table runner made of flowers scattered here and there, new species are recreated here by combining the different samples collected. No glue or fishing line are enough to combine these new cuttings freshly made that will serve as centerpiece. A simple activity to do that will take care of young and old!
Some petals on the table runner give a natural side to your decor.

A visual interior perfume thanks to fallen petals

We perfume the interior with elegance! Vases, water glasses, walkers, tea-lights or even a pretty glass salad bowl: all the transparent containers in the house can be used to create a beautiful natural setting. Similar to a potpourri, this indoor perfume is shaped according to your desires with the colors of the garden with the only difference that water will be the basic element of your composition.

We choose preferably freshly fallen petals for more intense scents before arranging them in the manner of a rosette. Once the container is half filled with water, the recovered pieces of nature are gently placed there. This fresh and delicate blend embellishes the space and embellishes the room with a beautiful natural setting. To arrange where you want!
Floating daisy heads for an original decorative touch.