3 ideas of recessed door handles in the kitchen

To give style to a kitchen, here are 3 ideas for drawer pulls and closets.

Too boring your kitchen? Replace or add handles to doors and closets and you will find that the room will take another look right away. Follow the guide, we’ve found some ideas for DIY handles for you.

Reclaimed leather handles to dress up kitchen cabinets

A noble material to instantly give style to kitchen cabinets . We love these leather handles very fast to achieve. Choose the appropriate color for the furniture in the room, as well as the thickness to make them more or less resistant. It’s pretty, and it’s convenient!
Elegance and simplicity for these leather handles.

Customize the doors with old silver spoons

A nice idea to get those silver spoons from your grandmother! They seemed too old for service, they come to life in a different way. And the money goes with everything, it will give a chic side, never too flashy, to the whole kitchen. Well, do you feel inspired to customize the handles in other rooms of the house?
Old silver spoons to customize for the most original handles!

Recycle old kitchen drawer knobs

Ideally, you’d like to change the kitchen furniture, too dull for your taste, but it’s stuck on the budget side. One detail can change the look of the room: change those closet buttons and handles that you do not like. The trick is that you will not need to replace them, you just hide them in clay and paint them with the golden bomb, as simple as that!
Economical, the recycling of old monotonous buttons to improve the kitchen will make envy!

Metal kitchen handles are popular!

If you do not have the patience or the urge to get started with DIY for your kitchen cabinet handles, you can still find some of them. some in the style that you like. The metal handles and buttons stand out in the kitchen: in brass or copper, they give personality to furniture mat or on the contrary highlight cupboards sober with the colors of the moment .
You will find a wide choice of design and refined models at the Swedish brand Superfront.