5 accessories to succeed in (finally) doing sport

Every year, in September and in January, we are millions to decide to return to sport. And then, between fatigue, bad weather and the constraints of daily life, we are almost as much to abandon the idea three weeks later. What if it was enough to offer some new gym accessories to motivate us? Come on, hop, hop, hop!


An Energizing Yoga Mat

If your gym mat is rolled in a closet, maybe it’s because it’s not good enough for you to want to see it everyday. Imagine that it is colorful, full of positive energy and that its mere presence makes you feel good, it would be more motivating, right? So why not start investing in a floor mat so beautiful that it can even be unfolded between two cladding sessions?



A Pilates ball as a pouf

Your apartment is too small to accommodate a Pilates ball and you do not want to live in a gym? We understand you! But if the balloon was so comfortable that it also served as a pouf or booster seat, and so beautiful that it brought a single touch to the room? While there, he would even find his place in a studio, that’s for sure!



Exhibit material in the living room

If you have not planned to decorate your living room with a rower, elliptical trainer and treadmill, this should not prevent you from continuing your good sports resolutions throughout the year. And yes, with a simple jump rope, resistance bands and suspension straps, you can vary the cardio exercises and muscle up all parts of your body while staying at home.To motivate you, simply hang them on a coat hanger so that you have them in front of you every morning!
08548878-photo-coat-racks-to-store-accessories-of-accessories sport.jpg



A gym bag that makes you want to move

If decidedly, the sport at home does not succeed you, it’s time to take a subscription in the room, to return to the pool or to find the path of the park to go running. To motivate yourself, treat yourself to a beautiful sports bag, slip in all your little gear and proudly display your motivation on leaving your home!



Cosmetic treatments to encourage each other

After the sport, comfort! After each session, congratulate yourself by taking the time to pamper yourself.Treat yourself to a foot cream, an energizing shower gel or a soothing mask and make this moment a real reward for your body and mind. Because not only have you deserved it, but this little ritual will motivate you for next time. Come on, courage!
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