5 deco ideas with a wooden ladder


Unexpectedly, the wooden ladder has been able to impose its slender silhouette in every room of the house. Diverted from its original function, it highlights the height of a wall and allows to hang according to its desires towels, plaids, plants, light garlands, magazines, photos … Our 5 easy decor ideas with a wooden ladder.
Wooden Ladder


In the bathroom, as a towel rack


Traditionally, the wooden or bamboo ladder is used in the bathroom as a towel rack. Simply leaning against the wall, it highlights foutas and towels while bringing the water feature a natural and authentic dimension. A simple idea that makes all the difference in bathrooms of all sizes.
Wooden ladder with plants


In the living room, for a bohemian decor


In a lounge a bit classic, the scale brings a wind of authenticity and a natural spirit. In raw wood, it allows to expose draperies or graphic plaids to warm a wall in two phases.A great idea to dress a textile wall without holes!
Scale for dressing a textile wall


In the children’s room, to dream up to the sky


In the room of loulou, the ladder is adorned with poetic assets. Securely fixed on a wall, it stimulates the imagination and makes you want to climb to sleep on a star. Practical, we can suspend a light garland, a blanket, a towel or even the clothes of the next day … Everyone has its own scale, from 7 days to 107 years!
Children's Room Scale


With a light garland, for a decor full of poetry


In the hall, the bedroom or the living room, a large wooden ladder makes it possible to put a light garland up to the ceiling for a soft lighting and original.Extremely simple to make, this low-cost home-made luminaire wins all the votes of the decorating fans. But how did one scale without before?


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