5 decorating ideas with a Thai basket

Light, natural and authentic, the Thai baskets have become our best decorative allies to store everything in a breeze. Alone or accumulated in a corner of the living room, they can store plaids, but also to highlight the green plants, hide his little bazaar, store magazines … A quick overview of the many ways to use a basket Deco ball!
Basket ball


A basket as a flowerpot

In a few years, the Thai ball basket has achieved the feat of establishing itself as the most beautiful flowerpot for our houseplants. According to the Instagram accounts of the most popular fashion bloggers, it is even essential to magnify a Monstera or a large cactus. It must be said that natural fibers blend perfectly with plants and the roundness of the basket brings sweetness to the whole.We love it!
A basket as a planter



A basket to put eucalyptus branches

The other deco trend that is required is to fill his basket with eucalyptus branches. Just place them in the basket, without water, and wait for them to dry. We can then enjoy their sweet scent and their subtle greyish color all winter.
basket-eucalyptus copie.jpg



A basket beside the bed

In the bedroom, the basket ball is placed at the foot of the bed to store extra blankets, slippers or cushions. In a parental room, we accumulate 4 or 5 side by side for a 100% deco effect at very small price.
If the room is small, you can also suspend a basket to a hook as bedside to slip books, magazines, handkerchiefs and pajamas pilou pilou.
Basket ball in a room



A hanging ball basket throughout the house

The big advantage of the baskets is that they can easily hang from a hook or a coat hook. When the entrance lacks closets, they serve for example to store scarves, scarves and small umbrellas. In a kitchen, they are used to store tea towels and plastic bags, while in the bathroom, they are perfect for putting towels and dirty laundry.
A basket in the entry



A basket for loulou comforters

In the children’s room, the basket ball is essential for storing toys and comforters. Lighter and softer to the touch than the toy box, it is easily transported from one room to another when loulou wants to play in the living room.And then at least, there is no risk of getting your fingers caught!