5 decorative ideas with a glass jar

In recent years, jars with the orange puck come out of the closet to conquer all fans of deco diversions. Large or small, with metal frames or gold lids, these glass containers for home storage lend themselves to all our decorating desires. 5 easy ideas to recycle your glass jar!


Terrariums in jars

At a time when green plants are invading our homes (to our delight), terrariums have never been so successful. Open or closed, these mini-gardens under glass are thankfully easy to make yourself, provided you have the right equipment. And to learn the art of landscaping bottled, nothing beats a jar Le Parfait! A beautiful layer of gravel or clay balls, sand for drainage, some loam, some small succulents, moss to cover the earth, and here is a beautiful terrarium house!
Storage in a jar



An improvised vase for everyday bouquets

Each time it’s the same thing, we can have many vases of all sizes, we never find the right one to put in value the bouquet we have in our hands.Fortunately, to enhance a round bouquet or a bouquet of wildflowers, the ideal vase is a recycled glass jar! Straight and round, he brings the outfit to the flowers without taking himself seriously. And with its metal clip and orange washer, it brings a vintage and rustic touch perfect for all the small bouquets that embellish our daily life.
A vase in a jar



A lamp in a jar

And if we put a light bulb in a jar to make a design light? Very fashionable, these lamps are finally quite simple to make with a beautiful filament bulb, a colored cable and a jar with a metal lid. The only technical gesture is to pierce the cover to pass the socket, after it remains only to screw the bulb and admire the result!



Decorative accessories for the bathroom

Finally, to bring a touch of design to your bathroom without spending money, we use recycled glass jars to put his toothbrushes, his cottons , her hair brushes or makeup brushes.Well aligned on a shelf or on the edge of the sink, they play effects of transparency while elegance …