5 easy tips for cleaning an iron

Your iron hangs? It leaves traces on your laundry and slips less well than before? It’s time to clean it up. Here are 5 tips for cleaning an iron, with grandmother recipes guaranteed without chemicals, easy to set up and economical!


Our 5 tips for an iron like new

– Limestone on your iron
– When your iron sticks
– For yellow iron soles
– Remove the stains on an iron
– For the fibers glued to your iron



1. Limestone on your iron

You can start by cleaning your iron with Marseille soap. Do it when it is still a little lukewarm, especially if it shows traces of limestone. But no matter what type of stain on your iron, never clean it plugged, as it may burn you.
Rub the sole of the iron directly with the soap or with a cloth soaked in water and soap.
Wipe with a damp wipe.
The toothpaste also works, but used cold only! Remember to regularly clean your iron, to avoid the return of limestone.
Iron cleanclothes step



2. When your iron sticks

The soleplate of your iron sticks on your clothes?
If your iron is not too dirty, use the alcohol or solvent (without acetone) that you apply on a damp soft cloth.
If it has a lot of residues, the solvent with acetone will be more effective.
Then clean with a soft damp cloth.



3. For yellowing iron insoles

Rub the sole of the iron with a soft cloth soaked in lemon juice, or directly with a lemon cut in half.
Clean the sole surface thoroughly until it is free of stains.
Wipe with a soft, dry cloth.
Your iron will rut, but in addition it will smell good lemon!
A rag soaked in hydrogen peroxide can also do the trick.
Lemon juice clean iron



4. Remove the stains on an iron

Use salt to hang the dirt and your iron will be clean!
Take a clean cloth that you do not hold (it may get stained during cleaning).
Place it on a flat surface, and add a handful of coarse salt on it.
Then put your hot iron on, gently.
Another equally effective alternative to cleaning an iron: make a paste made from lemon juice, a few drops of vinegar and 2 spoons of baking soda. Spread it out and let it work for a few minutes before cleaning it with a clean damp cloth.Feel free to use a cotton swab to clean small holes.
Salt clean iron



5. For the fibers stuck on your iron

If fibers or residues are stuck on your iron, think of wax-based sticks.
Protect your table with a cloth that does not fear anything, then warm the iron in position “silk” or “wool”. Be careful not to burn yourself by putting the stick on the sole. Pass it over all the residues and let it melt.