5 good reasons to paint everything in green!

A desire for serenity? Our advice to bring the green color into the house, and put it in scene.

Green, color of the year! It’s the Pantone company that says it with Greenery. A shade that invites serenity and that no longer hesitate to stage in the house. Provided you choose the proportions and vary the colors according to the desired style. All our tips to bring green in every room of the house. 

Paint soft shades of green for living rooms

From the anise color that made a splash a few years ago, the green has gone deep into the house. It is chic, even felted. But while some nuances can be used generously on the walls of a room, others can only support the skilfully proportioned keys and good color schemes. For living rooms such as the living room, we prefer soft green tones to repaint the walls, such as timeless green-gray, or celadon and opaline greens. They stay cool in summer, comforting in winter, and always elegant. Avoid overloading the room furniture, it will be all the more soothing, and add other touches of green in the decoration (cushions and plants), to accentuate its zen side.
Soft colors are preferred in the living room, such as verdigris.

Paint in pop green to decorate the more confined spaces

If you want to choose a tint of green more vivid , less conventional, to play the originality, you can book in less busy areas, unused recesses or small storage areas. Confined spaces that we do not know, often, how to use. This is a nice way to illuminate them to make them more visible. If your interior is deliberately dressed in white, wake up for example the interior of a library, a recess or an alcove with a yellow green or absinthe green, or even an apple green!
Bright green adapts very well to storage corners and small spaces, such as toilets.

Paint a deep green on a single piece of wall

Deep green followers? It is best to book them to paint small areas of walls : a single pan in the living room to give it all its character, the framing of a desk to help the concentration, the head of bed in the room or half of the wall from the ground, to give a nice intensity. Or a kitchen wall to match the color of the furniture. Emerald and eucalyptus greens are a great match, but it would be less easy to apply them to all the walls of a room.
A headboard effect in green to brighten a sober room.

Green touches in the furniture

You want to go green without applying it to the wall? Put some keys in the decoration. It is for example to repaint an old piece of furniture which you wanted to get rid of in a green frank to highlight it in a room remained sober, to reunite some mismatched chairs which could not find any more thanks to your eyes, and dare to mix the hues to give even more personality.
Green chairs are a good way to introduce color into your home.

Green nature in the bathroom

When a bathroom has enough space, we like to bask in it. But the green is conducive to relaxation, it is well known. Take the opportunity to repaint one or all walls, and vary the nuances to give depth. Will not miss a few reminders in the bath textile or accessories to offer you a real bath of nature!
A soft green on the walls, and the rest in accessories: the nature bath is at your fingertips!