5 ideas for enjoying weekends this fall

What to do this weekend with family? Our ideas to fill up with light, flavors and energy before the winter!

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are going down and the holidays seem far away? Stop the depression, just organize well to savor the small pleasures of autumn with delight! The proof with these 5 weekend programs that help to fill up with light, flavors and energy before the winter … 

A “nature” weekend with your family this fall

In autumn, nature is as beautiful as it is generous. So we put on pullovers, socks and scarves and we go for a long walk in the forest to fill his basket of mushrooms, chestnuts and vegetables to use to make an autumnal decoration at home …
SATURDAY: go to the forest for a walk in the great outdoors! Even if the temperatures are cool, there is nothing to oxygenate the body, stimulate its immune defenses and find a restful sleep. On the ground, we are looking for mushrooms, pine cones, acorns, leaves in good condition, berries, bark … And of course chestnuts!
SUNDAY: it’s DIY workshop at home! If the picking of mushrooms was good, we prepare a nice pan for lunch, then we start making pine cone garlands, autumn candles, decorative tassels, brown snails, paintings dead leaves or autumn bouquets …
08755698-photo-weekend-family-autumn-walk-forest. jpg
Berries and pine cones for a nice autumn decoration in the house

A weekend of 100% fruits and vegetables!

Fall is also the season of grape harvests, harvests, jams and Halloween. So we stop depressing and savor autumn fruits and vegetables in all their forms!
SATURDAY: market direction! This is the moment to fill up squash, pumpkins, parsnip, Jerusalem artichokes, but also chestnuts, persimmons, quinces, plums, pears and nuts … And if you have the opportunity to going for a walk in a kitchen garden or self-service picking is even better!
SUNDAY: in the kitchen! The autumn recipes, colorful and vitaminized, will quickly make you forget the change of time and the rain that falls. So, pumpkin soups, plum pies or persimmon jams? As for decorating, take advantage of the week-end to decorate your house with pumpkins!
Squash for cooking and decorating!

A sporty weekend

In autumn, the energy of summer has not yet completely disappeared and the weather still allows us to enjoy many outdoor sports. So we do not lose the rhythm and we move!
If it does not rain, we organize an outing in a tree climbing course with family or friends, we plan a hike in the forest or a great walk on the beach, we jump, we run, we try new sports or continue to practice those of this summer, with just one more thickness! Discover 20 outdoor games to make yourself.
And if it rains, head for the pool, the climbing gym or the gym to keep fit!
Tree climbing, to enjoy the forest in autumn

A weekend “Indian summer”

The sun is at the rendezvous? And if we pretended it was summer again? Come on, take out the picnic tablecloth, and just slip a thermos of hot chocolate into the basket before leaving for lunch on the dead leaves! In the countryside, in the mountains and at the seaside, autumn is still a great season for picnicking, sunbathing, strolling, making bouquets of wildflowers and even taking a dip! Discover 5 activities to do with children in the countryside or by the sea.
The art of picnicking in autumn

A “cocooning” weekend

It’s raining and you have a cold start? Quick, a cocooning weekend is essential! Take out the throws, candles and cushions, sit comfortably on the sofa or at the bottom of your bed and enjoy the happiness of being warm at home … Good news, winter is coming, and with him his procession of comforting pleasures!