5 original DIY ideas to make with chestnuts

Ideas full of originality to achieve easily with chestnuts, to occupy the children in September!

It’s back! Now is the time for supplies to buy, forms to fill out, notebooks to cover … and chestnuts full of pockets! In a few days, the little ones will have picked up a complete collection in the playground. So what do we do with it? 5 original ideas for family tinkering next weekend! 

An alphabet to learn to read with chestnuts

With a simple white marker or a marker, chestnuts are transformed into a game of letters to learn the alphabet while having fun! Just write a letter on each chestnut and compose words, phrases or even poems! A nice DIY to do with the little schoolchildren of CP.
I’m learning to read with chestnuts!

A giraffe with chestnuts and skewers

Three chestnuts, three skewers, and here is a beautiful giraffe of September! Matches and toothpicks also create a real zoo by combining chestnuts with Lego bricks. If the spades do not sink easily, consider preparing the holes with a wood twist …
An imaginary bestiary full of poetry

Funny animals in chestnuts and modeling clay

And with modeling clay for the details, your bestiary will be even more beautiful! Start assembling your animals with toothpicks and matches, then give them colorful accessories: ears, trunk, mane, tail, clogs, hats, scarves, anything is allowed, let your creativity free!
Unlimited imagination …

Monsters with chestnuts and pins

We love these little aliens made with chestnuts, colored pins and self-adhesive mobile eyes! If you do not want to let the little ones handle the pins, the older ones will love creating a collection of funny monsters. And who said that fall crafts were for children?
A new activity to do between colleagues?

Chestnut dolls full of humor

Shadok fans will fall in love with these funny dolls made of brown, a colorful felt ball, self-adhesive mobile eyes and a small piece of wire. And with a little felt hat on your head, your September crafts will look like real works of art! Also discover how to make a garland of chestnuts.
Small colorful dolls …