5 original tutors to make garden trellises

Our ideas for staking climbing plants.

They climb, they climb, tomatoes, clematis, ipomoea, nasturtiums and passiflora! In the garden, on the terrace and in the vegetable garden, many plants need a helping hand to rise to the sky. What if we helped them by making one of these original supports? 

A bamboo teepee tutor

To grow tomatoes, cucumbers and beans in a kitchen garden or to climb a rose bush or a honeysuckle, we take inspiration from the Native American tipis and we start making a pretty bamboo stand. One hooks 6 stems securely at one end with string (all the trouble is to make a successful knot), then install the tipi by pushing the feet into the ground. To maintain the whole and to give points supports to the plants, one wraps a string all around the tipi, by making a knot on each stem. Once the tipi covered with vegetation, it will also make a beautiful hiding place for children!

Another method: you can also make the tipi chestnut branches, and tie four branches around instead of the string …
I want a tipi in my garden!

A vine against a wall

With a little patience, a Virginia creeper, a honeysuckle or any climbing plant can bring a unique cachet to an uninteresting wall. But for that, it is necessary to offer him a beautiful trellis, which one makes oneself with branches of hazel tree. Depending on its level of DIY, we tied branches of equal size with a string to form a kind of rail to hang on the wall, or we start a homemade trellis with some nails to maintain the whole. In any case, it is better to take the time to consolidate your work, because once the plant has started to climb, it will be hard to dislodge!
We love the one on the left, and you?

A cylindrical guard with bike wheels

For a truly original cylindrical guard, the wheels of an old bike are recycled. At the top and bottom, the two wheels are connected by a metal rod that sinks into the ground to hold the assembly. And all around, strings are stretched from one wheel to another to form a strange vegetable tower that will quickly form one of the most popular attraction points of your garden!
Recycled bicycle wheels in the kitchen garden!

A guardian with tomatoes in chestnut wood

A few branches of hazelnut or chestnut make it possible to quickly make tomato stakes that will stage your kitchen garden all summer long. With a branch cutter, a good pruner and raffia, you can design all forms of tutors imaginable, give free rein to your creativity!
Find our complete tutorial to make this beautiful tomato tutor!

A frame in branches and twine to put

In the garden as in the kitchen garden, this table has the advantage of being able to dress a wall a little damaged while growing many plants. On the ground, we build a large wooden frame with 5 large branches (a square and a bar in the middle), being careful to tie them together.Once the frame is consolidated, we hang strings from end to end on which the beans and small weights will be able to push easily … We put it?
Ideal to hide a damaged wall under a cascade of greenery!