5 steps to clean your roof

Complete cleaning in the program! From tiles to gutters, a roof cleaning requires a minimum of preparation and anticipation. You will need to equip yourself to mount on the roof safely, then defoating and effectively protect the tiles of your home against the weather. Cleaning operation engaged!


The steps:

– Things to know before cleaning your roof
– How to get on the roof to clean it?
– Defoaming operation on the roof
– Thoroughly clean the roof and protect it
– Clean the gutters



1. Things to know before cleaning your roof

Ideally, you should clean your roof twice a year. Once in the spring to make sure winter has not caused too much damage. And once at the end of autumn, when all the dead leaves have finished falling, to prepare the roof for the winter.Adjust to the weather to avoid getting on the roof when the wind is strong, or when it’s too hot. Do not skimp on your safety: be sure to take all the necessary precautions before embarking on this high-flying mission!



2. How to get on the roof to clean it?

First step and not least: get on the roof. This mission requires your full attention.
Work with you for your safety!
Equip yourself with good shoes so you do not skid.
Use a suitable ladder (between 100 and 160 € depending on the height) and think of placing a block at his feet to prevent it from moving. Moreover, leave 1 m of margin between the top of the ladder and the bottom of the roof * in order to never have to climb the last bars (too dangerous).
Equip yourself with a safety harness. We are never too careful.
Once on the roof, remember to fix the ladder to the roof with safety hooks.



3. Defoaming operation on the roof

You must first remove the foam and lichen installed. Although it can erode tiles, you can help a high-pressure cleaner (Kärcher type) by proceeding from the top of the roof down. Another option, less harmful to the roof: with a stiff brush and soapy water, before rinsing, always from top to bottom.
Tip : To limit the appearance of moss on the roof, consider pruning nearby trees and trimming the vegetation that climbs along the facades of your house.



4.Clean the roof deep and protect it

roof-house- tip
After the defoaming operation, if the weather is nice and there is no wind, spray your antifoam roof. To protect it completely from the weather (frost, rain, snow …), you can also apply a water repellent treatment that will reduce the porosity of the tiles by making them smooth. Waterproofness and impermeability at the rendezvous!
Good to know : To be effective, the water-repellent treatment must be 24h. To make checks, put water on your tiles. If the water slips, it means that the treatment is effective. On the other hand, if the water is absorbed, you will have to start again the water-repellent treatment.



5. Clean gutters

Last step of your great roof cleaning: the gutter.First of all, make sure your ladder is positioned steadily, then remove the largest of the leaves and branches by hand (or with a garden trowel). For complete cleaning, you can use a powerful jet of water, while monitoring the evacuation so that the pipes do not become clogged as you go.