5 tips for cleaning marble

Very trendy, marble is a solid natural stone but porous. Not maintained, it loses its luster and color. Stains, scratches and even cracks may appear. Here are our tips to clean your marble regularly, and allow it to maintain its natural strength.


Our 5 tips

– How to protect marble in prevention
– 12 products for daily marble care
– Products to avoid on marble
– How to remove stains from marble?
– Clean marble with sanding



1. How to protect marble, in prevention

Marble, with its wide variety of natural pigments (white, red, gray, green …), is welcome in our interiors: kitchen worktop, floors, bistro table … This stone is however porous and prone to stains.
There are several ways to protect marble:
with colorless wax, to avoid splashing
with a waterproofing agent, perfect for protecting porous materials (there are very effective ecological products)
with a cloth moistened with a little vaseline to make it shine
To prevent stains from becoming encrusted, it is very important to clean it immediately in case of dirt.Take the habit of washing it daily, to preserve its natural shine and ensure its longevity, especially in the kitchen.
how to clean marble products



2. 12 products for the daily care of marble

Whatever the type of marble (white, black, veined marble, breche …), use a soft cloth, a sponge or a microfibre broom if it is necessary. is a soil, moistening slightly. To avoid scratching the marble, make gentle circular motions.
Side products, here are the natural ones recommended to clean marble:
Marseille soap or glitter: perfect to shine the stone everyday.
black soap
the washing up product
white Meudon or white Spain
the land of Sommières, for grease stains (sprinkle a little on a cloth and rub gently)
the soda crystals, if the marble is very dirty (a cup of soda crystals diluted in a liter of hot water will do)
clay stone or white stone on a wet cloth
Oleo limestone liniment
very fine iron wool, but be careful to rub very gently to avoid scratches
hydrogen peroxide, works well on light marbles.
baking soda
After each cleaning, rinse and dry the marble well with a dry cloth or chamois leather.



3. Products to avoid on marble

For the maintenance of marble, some acidic and aggressive products are strongly discouraged: vinegar, lemon, bleach, scouring powder and all anti-lime products. br />
However, if an acidic product falls on your marble (soda …) act quickly by rinsing thoroughly with water, with a little degreasing product. For maintenance, we do not use especially abrasive sponge or scraper!
As you can see, marble care favors natural products. Chemical products are banned so as not to alter the natural appearance of the stone.
how to clean marble products



4.How to remove stains on marble?

For stubborn stains, several dough recipes are possible:
sprinkle the stain with crystals of soda and spray a little white vinegar on it. Leave for a few minutes, rub and rinse.
mix 2/3 pumice powder and 1/3 baking soda and apply this light paste to the stain before letting it dry and rinse.
soak a cloth with cooking oil, add a drop of lemon and rub with gentle circular motions the stain
make a poultice with flour and dishwashing liquid, cover with plastic wrap and let stand. Remove all and clean with a damp cloth
for grease stains, think of sprinkling corn on the stain and leave for 20 minutes, then wipe with a dry cloth
how to clean marble stains



5.Clean the marble with sanding!

If a stain persists, we advise you to call a professional not to damage your marble. If it is scratched, cracked or stained, they will certainly advise you to sand it to even the stone and make it look original.
The sanding allows to clean and renovate the marble, giving it a regularity. An abrasive smooths marble perfectly. Several passages are often necessary for deep cleaning.
After sanding, to give the marble its brilliance and its natural beauty, we use crystallization, polishing and polishing.