5 tips for landscaping a small garden

hether urban or not, your little garden deserves your full attention. Here we explain what types of plants to choose, how to play with lighting or use your fence wisely to create a mini oasis of relaxation. Hurry, spring is coming fast!


Our hints

Define garden spacesPlay with lighting in the gardenExplan fence as a deco elementCreate a relaxing area in the gardenChoose evergreen plants



1. Define the spaces of the garden

First step to develop your little garden, and not least: Define the spaces. For that, you will first have to make room in strategic places. In a small garden, there are mainly two:
The center of the garden: A small center will give illico an impression of space. You can still install some sun loungers to enjoy long sunbathing.
The longest diagonal: It is the one that gives depth to the garden. Once spotted, be sure to clear it and not to over-vegetate it.



2. Play with the lighting in the garden

At nightfall, the lighting can illuminate your garden, certainly, but also sublimate your outdoor space and make it visually larger. The goal? Give your garden a big and beautiful look. Alternate floor lamps, lanterns and lamps to the ground to diversify sources and lighting styles. And to set the mood in your garden, a garland with multiple bulbs, guinguette way, will be welcome!



3. Consider Closing as a Deco Element

A fence is made to delineate a garden, but you can also use it to blur its boundaries and create doubt.Consider the fence as a decorative element in its own right, either embellishing with a pretty wooden fence or canisses, or by planting. You can, for example, install climbing plants, roses, bushes or bushes at your feet. Create a beautiful illusion!
Tip : Cold tones (blue, gray) make elements appear farther away. Use and misuse this trick by planting blue flowers or using gray planters in the back of your garden.



4. Set up a relaxation area in the garden

space-tip-space -decoration-bench
A small garden is a delight for lovers of botany, but also great sunbathers.Give your outdoor space a small terrace where it is good to spend hours basking. To delimit this relaxation area, nothing more simple: cover the ground with gravel or install a small earthwork. There are a multitude of solutions, wood or paving, according to your tastes! You can then have a small garden furniture, with furniture adapted for outdoor.



5. Choose evergreen plants

In a small garden, plants are before our eyes throughout the year. A good reason to choose evergreens that offer different benefits over the seasons: flowers in the spring, foliage in the fall and pretty silhouettes in the winter, for example. In the spotlight: eucalyptus, bamboo, boxwood, cypress, creeping charcoal …
Tip : For plant lovers, who always want more, a vertical garden for all your herbs is a solution to seriously consider.Deco element and space saving assured!