5 tips for maintaining your garden

A beautiful garden requires a minimum of maintenance. To save time and enjoy, anticipate by choosing plants without maintenance, by protecting them, by weeding them as and to measure, but also by watering intelligently. On your marks, ready? Garden!


Our advice

– Choosing the best plants in your garden
– Protect the plants from his garden
– weeding as and when
– Water his garden intelligently
– Maintain gardening tools



1. Choosing the right plants in your garden

Four words to remember: simplify your life! It is indeed quite possible to concoct a garden that requires almost no maintenance. For example, turn to trees and flee hedges and other plants to cut. Also take inspiration from dry gardens that require very little watering by focusing on water-less and / or maintenance-free plants: heather, santolines, sedges (grass), bamboos, perennials, heucheras…



2. Protecting the plants in your garden

Once chosen and planted, your plants must be properly protected so that they can grow and flourish without hazards. Besides the weather (frost can be fatal for your plantations), these are the animals you should have in the viewfinder. Fortunately, some effective tips exist:
Pepper: Mix your seeds with pepper before planting them. Rodents, slugs, worms and other small animals do not like the smell or the taste of pepper and will therefore go their way!
Vinegar: Ideal to keep your dog away from your plantations! Pour a little white vinegar around your plants. Your dog will illico turn around.
Mint: Plant a foot of mint near your most beautiful flowers to keep ants away.
Make your own insecticide: Put a lemon peel in 25cl of boiling water. Let cool, pour your mixture into a sprayer and apply on your plants and flowers.



3. Weeding as we go

To prevent you from overflowing and therefore to plan big maintenance days, make a habit of weeding as your garden progresses, before the roots of the weeds become dry. ‘sink too deeply. Often, but not long, here is the tip unstoppable!
Weeding by hand: tedious but precise.
Use the water of your pasta: pour it hot on the weeds to destroy the big deep roots.
Straw the soil: Mulching is an effective method of preventing weeds from growing, keeping moisture in the soil and feeding it when the straw breaks down.



4.Water your garden intelligently

gardening-garden-plant maintenance
Most plants (besides maybe cacti) need water to live. But each needs a particular contribution. Do not hesitate to create a small watering schedule to ensure you do not forget any of your plantations, and thus offer them the necessary and personalized watering they need. To perfect your green profile, consider empty cans in the garden to harvest rainwater and save money.



5. Caring for your gardening tools

A well-maintained garden also means adapted tools. Take care of all your gardening tools and protect them from humidity, especially during the winter period. The trick? Place them throughout the winter in a tray filled with sand, planting the metal part head down.Promised, with this technique you will keep them for many years.