5 tips to build your laundry

Are you lucky to have a laundry? The challenge is to optimize the space to hold the washing machine and cleaning products … The goal? Everything at your fingertips! Here are 5 tips for keeping your laundry organized and not talking about laundry chore.


Our 5 tips for optimized laundry.

– What’s the point of a laundry?
– What to think before creating a laundry room?
– What to put in his laundry?
– Optimized storage for your laundry
– A cheerful laundry and deco



1. What is a laundry room?

This is the room reserved for the maintenance of linen and the storage of household products. In short, the special corner chore of laundry.
A laundry room is often located in the kitchen, the bathroom or in the basement. For those who do not have the luxury of having an extra room dedicated, it can be integrated into another room. For example by occupying a piece of wall, integrated into a multifunctional furniture or hidden behind a sliding door or a curtain.
So there is no standard size for a laundry: everything will depend on the equipment you want to install and the space you have.
Laundry use amenagement



2. What to think about before creating a laundry room?

Here are four important things to consider before creating your laundry, so you do not make mistakes:
it must be equipped with a water inlet and a wastewater outlet
the room must be well ventilated or have ventilation VMC type: washing machine, wet clothes … make the laundry a wet room.
it must be easy to maintain: we choose for the floor and furniture practical materials (tiling, linoleum, special wet room paint …).
think of suitable lighting: spotlights, suspension … As it is a bathroom, check that the electrical installation is up to standard.



3. What to put in his laundry?

We think of course the essential:
the washing machine: it must be easy to access and preferably to porthole! If you have a tumble dryer, consider putting it next to, or above it.
a basin to put the wet laundry at the end of the machine.
a drying rack: wall-mounted or floor-standing, choose it extensible.
two laundry baskets: to avoid round trips during laundry. One for color and one for white!
a worktop: practical for ironing, folding your laundry … It can be installed above the washing machine and dryer (wood, tiles or laminate: easy to clean!).
an ironing board (if you do not use the worktop): there are sliding ones, please inquire!
a sink: handy for cleaning or hand cleaning a garment.
How to build laundry



4. Optimized storage for your laundry

We put in the storage space, including wall storage (shelves, hanging furniture) that can easily be customized to store the laundry, iron … Privilege- without doors, to access everything in the blink of an eye! If you have children, store the maintenance products at height.
Why not invest in small baskets or storage boxes to organize products and small equipment (type tongs, sponges, etc.)? Hooks on the wall to hang the brooms, the ironing board … And if you leave your clothes out of season in the laundry, consider investing in a wardrobe and hangers.
Take care of the least functional space: behind the door you can hang clothes, above you put a shelf for little used equipment, etc.
Laundry equipment amenagement



5. A buanderie gay and deco

This is not because the laundry room is a functional room it should not be a little deco! You can choose to paint a wall in a bright tone, or one or two boxes of a brightly colored furniture, choose pastel metal baskets or a tiled floor with cheerful hues … Anything can bring a little cheerfulness, would not to choose colorful hangers!
And why not put some music, just to brighten the ironing?
Here you have now a clean, cheerful laundry where it is good to take care of the laundry!