5 tips to properly develop your first apartment

Getting into the layout of your first apartment is not easy. Discover our decorating tips to give birth to a cozy and warm space!

Whether it’s a purchase or a rental, it’s not always easy to know how to build your first apartment. Learn how to optimize space, create a pleasant atmosphere, make the right choices without breaking the bank … Here are some tips to succeed at first hand the development of your first home. 

Set up your first apartment: define your needs and prioritize your desires

You have finally found the apartment that suits you and can not wait to feel at home. Do not rush into stores to buy what you like! Take the time to tame your apartment to determine your needs , depending on its layout, area, and budget.
You must start by listing in a first column the furniture and objects that are missing and, in a second column, those that are less essential. By prioritizing your desires, you will avoid some secondary purchases that you may regret later. Last tip: remember to invest as much as possible in decorating pieces that will follow you for a long time rather than spend your entire budget at once in low-priced items. 
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Furniture is the most expensive thing. Take the time to choose your furniture.

Set up your first apartment: learn how to optimize the space of each room

Get a meter and take the time to measure every corner of your apartment. This piece of wall that you wanted to occupy with a nice designer sofa is ultimately too narrow? Review your choice and opt for a more fitted model. Once you know more about the surface you have, you will see the different layout possibilities.

Because who says first apartment often says small area. To optimize it, choose modular furniture in your list, which will save you space in each room. A foldable desk or camouflaged in a recess, a folding table in the living room or kitchen, a bed on a mezzanine or a sofa bed, clever storage is not lacking, but still think about it! 
08741714-photo-tips-arrange-first-apartment-bed-retractable. jpg
In a studio, a retractable bed can be very useful!

Painting, mirrors, lights: follow the good deco tips

The keys of your first apartment in hand, your first reflex will be to start with a big cleaning of the places in order to move in cleanliness. You will be able to evaluate the state of the paintings and decide to refresh the walls if the colors do not suit you. Choose light tones , which will have the advantage of expanding the space. It will be easy then to add touches of bright colors once the installation is over.

Dressing mirror walls is another way of giving perspective and scale to a room. However, be careful not to accumulate them so as not to make you dizzy! Another decorative detail that is important, the multiplication of sources of lighting will serve you to delimit the spaces of your apartment and to play with them, while adapting to the different activities that you will lead there. .
Mirrors are the easiest way to visually enlarge the space!

For more space, put each object in its place

Now that you’ve thought of the interior design , it’s time to settle in, starting with bring in your things. Be methodical when it comes time to undo your cards: go step by step, find a place for each object, from the bedroom to the bathroom, and set aside what will find its place in the new furniture you have chosen.
Other storage advice: do not clutter the rooms and always leave enough room to circulate. Indeed, you must think of your apartment as a place where you will receive family as friends, and not as a cozy nest in which no one can enter. It makes everyday life happier!
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Do not forget that you will probably receive! Create friendly spaces.

To get your first apartment up and running, let your creativity speak

There’s one last way to add personality to your new home : this is of course the DIY ! Surely you have old things, old things or furniture that you’ve got tired of. Or objects or pieces of furniture donated by those around you to help you move in.

With a little imagination and a web-based overview to inspire you, recycle them into your new home. This will also give you ideas to customize furniture in good condition, functional, but style too neutral to your liking. For a first interior that looks and feels good to you!
08741720-photo-furniture-first-apartment-diy-recycle-furniture- old.jpg
A brushstroke is sometimes enough to transform an old piece of furniture.