6 original ways to store your dishes

Do the dishes overflow from your cupboards? First option: do some sorting! Second option: reorganize the layout of your kitchen! Varying the ways of storing your dishes can be an opportunity to value your beautiful services, to better arrange your cutlery or to reinvest furniture or spaces left to abandon. We try ? Here are some tips that will help you!



Original and economical: these are the advantages of storage in baskets or wicker baskets! Plan for one for cutlery that will be gathered in bulk but also for small accessories for which there is never room for: ramekins, egg cups, tea balls … If your kitchen is really small, a trick: place the baskets in height so that they do not invade your other storage areas.



A vintage showcase

This is the trend of the moment, both chic and bohemian: restore and divert a vintage showcase to store your most beautiful plates, bowls and cups. If you do not have the soul of a bargain hunter and do not plan to survey the garage sales to find the ideal model, know that it is easy to find new retro-inspired or find vintage windows restored in flea markets.



A wall shelf

Fine, practical but solid if it is solid wood, the wall shelf has the great advantage of being able to slip a little everywhere in height and thus create a storage space in a snap look. You can hang it above the door frame to store your cutlery in jars and carafes of water. If you have several shelves below each other, the monochrome effect can bring a great decorative touch. For example, you paint your shelves in blue or white and have plates, bowls, cups, salad bowls only of the same color.



A service

It is the ally of our kitchen. This furniture, compact, on wheels, has the habit of sneaking everywhere. Sometimes small appliances are placed there, such as a coffee maker or a microwave. Let’s give it back its nobility by opting for a model full of stainless steel stamp on which you can put all your glasses on foot for example (wine glasses, cocktail, champagne flutes …). You can then directly slide your service in the living room or the dining room when you receive guests.



A credence

This is a storage space that is often overlooked and yet that can prove to be your best friend in your quest for order and your design desires! Add to your credence rails and hooks to hang all the big pots or cutlery.You can also hang small baskets for small cutlery.



A library

Do not dream, it’s the height of chic! To put away your dishes, as much to assume! By opting for open, practical and efficient storage. Then invest in a beautiful massive and massive solid wood bookcase that will put your plates, dishes, salad bowls and cups in value. A more modern and offbeat version of the traditional dresser.