6 ways to partition your living room to create a bedroom space

You have a nice living room but no room? And if you partition your living room to create this room you dream? How to create two separate spaces in a room without heavy work? We went to see Nathalie, expert Lapeyre carpentry, who had already answered the question “how to arrange his studio when the arrival of his child” to share with us his the most inspiring solutions … Good news, there are many possibilities to partition the space while optimizing it!


Solution # 1: Suspended Walls

Your living room is too small to build a wall and install a door … On the other hand, you can consider hanging walls.
You can open and close sliding panels without losing space! The installation is very simple: all you have to do is attach rails to the floor and / or the ceiling. Some systems, such as movable partitions, require no drilling on the floor or ceiling – thanks to a cylinder system.
These panels can be translucent or opaque – for more privacy.



Solution # 2: glass walls

Simple minimalist glass panel or more industrial glass canopy, the glass wall allows you to separate spaces in your living room with character while visually enlarging the two spaces – the eyes and the light circulate and the sense of space is intact.
For more privacy, you can install a curtain when you go to bed.
In a small space, use sliding doors.
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glass living room partition



Solution n ° 3: the curtains

Very simple solution to put in place: the curtain! Install a rod – a railroad rod is a good choice – to the ceiling through your living room.And voila ! All you have to do is draw your curtain when you go to sleep.
Choose rather thick blackout curtains to isolate yourself from the cold, the noise and the light. Note that this is the most economical solution. Not to mention the advantage of changing them whenever you want.



Solution n ° 4: the screen

Very simple to put in place and not requiring work, the screen allows you to hide your bed – especially since, down, it is easy to hide – while delineating the living areas on one side and night on the other.
Choose a perforated version or letting the light through so that your sleeping area is more pleasant. The advantage? It arouses interest from the very first glance and invites to escape inside.



Solution # 5: the partition at half height

And if you chose the partition at half height? This will allow you to separate the living room and night without cutting volumes and preventing light from circulating.
Bonus idea: a headboard can act as a partition at half height! Indeed, turning your back to your living room, your bed and its headboard will isolate themselves harmoniously.



Solution # 6: Modular Storage Systems

A final solution that not only allows you to create two separate spaces in your living room, but also gives you additional storage space – and that’s not to say never no!
We must imagine a stack of boxes or shelves that will host shelves, drawers or wardrobes.
This system lets light in while reducing noise from the living room.