7 original bedside tables

Adopt original and smart bedside tables!

Having to be as practical as aesthetic, the bedside table is the deco element essential to complete the sleeping area. So, want to welcome home a model that is out of the ordinary? With a little recovery, diversion and imagination, here are some tracks! 

1. A bedside table

It could be said in suspension … For this, simply swap your classic bedside against a wall shelf hanging at bed height. You can put down a book, an alarm clock, glasses and even a bedside lamp.
You can find the tutorial of the table above here.

2. A nightstand stack of magazines

You really do not know where to put them away? Why not turn them into a bedside table? Of course we are talking about these magazines that you have the annoying habit – like us – to accumulate. Placed on top of each other and possibly held with a strap, they will serve as an ideal bedside table!

3. A bedside table ladder

This is the ideal solution for small spaces: diverting a wooden ladder to turn it into a bedside table full of style. Leaning against the wall your bedside ladder can accommodate a plaid, some candles or magazines. Of course, it also works with a stepladder!
bedside table scale
The more handymen will be able to make a “custom scale nightstand”

4. A bedside table crate

In the series of bedside tables that come to life through the diversion of objects, we obviously opt for a crate! The recycled crate knows how to do everything: placed vertically against the wall, it hosts a few books and also allows to put a bedside lamp or alarm clock. You can also combine several for a larger bedside table.

5. A bedside table stool

The simplest solutions, we know, are often the best. So for a bedside table priced riquiqui that will prove extremely useful, we put on a wooden step, sold only a few euros in decoration store.
bedside table step-foot
Divert your Ikea footstool

6. A bedside table chair

A pretty bistrot chair mottled in a flea market? To highlight it, why not turn it away? Placed next to the bed, it serves as a bedside table welcoming books, table lamp and candle. Chic and retro.
bedside table pouf
It also works with a pouf!

7. A bedside table suspended

A beautiful bedside table that gravitates levitation is not magic though. But it’s handy not to cut a few square meters when you are in a small space! To achieve it, just use a white to fix directly to the ceiling with a rope. Then there may be alternatives: opt for a wooden board and fix it with two hooks like a swing. Or opt for a circular wooden tray to maintain using a macrame rope. In any case, your guests will envy you this bedside table not ordinary!