7 tips for storing spices

Discover our space saving tips to store your spices in the kitchen.

Your kitchen cupboards are full of spices but you never find the one you need in full recipe? Your work plan is still cluttering? Follow our original tips to store your condiments in a practical way, while highlighting their pretty colorful tones. 

Tip # 1: Loving Spice Jars

To save space and decorate your fridge at the same time, choose little jars of spice that you fill with spices. If you already have some, you can make them magnetic with special paint, found in DIY stores and handicrafts. If you get lost among the flavors, remember to write the name of the spices on the lid with an indelible marker.
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Tip # 2: Have a dedicated cabinet with spices

If you want to highlight the pretty colors of your condiments, choose a cabinet compartments in which you can store these. Remember to label the jars so that the name of each spice is visible.
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Tip # 3: Buy Wall Shelves

To better see your condiments and bring a touch of color to the kitchen, there’s nothing like little shelves to hang on walls or directly in a closet door for example, to save space.
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Tip # 4: Put condiments in test tubes

This is an unusual idea, but you will not see it in everyone! Fill chemist’s test tubes with your spices and place them on a dedicated shelf or in a box if you do not have enough space.

Tip # 5: Opt for a carousel with spices

WinChef offers a motorized carousel to finish off the spices that linger on the worktop! You can install it under a cupboard or in a closet. Without electrical connection, it runs on batteries and can include up to twenty bottles of all brands. Price: 59 euros.

Tip # 6: Beautify and optimize storage space

If you decide to store all your spices in the same place, make sure that the bottles fit (to avoid an unpleasant noise when you open a drawer for example) ) and that they are properly stored so that you find the condiment you need easily. Attach shelves to the side of a kitchen cupboard, attach pots to the wall for a nice shape, or arrange a spice drawer.
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