8 decorative objects to bloom with style

It’s spring time to pick the first flowers in the garden and brighten up your interior with their colorful touches! Hanging vase, hiding pattern pot or wooden ladder for plants, all ideas are good to bring a green touch to your decor, floor to ceiling!
Rectangular Jardiniere
The wooden planter is the ideal option to bloom a terrace or veranda. You can sow wildflowers, leave there or pick for your bouquets! Because the deco of our interior also passes by its outside.
Set of 4 vase soliflores
Play with shapes and colors to bloom your home by placing these 4 embossed glass soliflores on a table.With their elegant design and subtle gradient of pink, they will beautifully enhance fresh flowers and plants!
Cracked glass vase
Do you want to change your everlasting transparent glass vase without venturing into opaque or colored containers? Opt for this large crackled glass vase. What to sublimate with discretion your bouquets!
Vase hanging Drop
More than ever, flowers and plants take possession of our interiors. For a bohemian decor or nature, consider hanging your plants on the walls or ceiling. We love the finesse of this suspended vase in the shape of a drop!
Aloe vera in pot
If you can not bring color to your home with flowers, bring it with a nice pot! And as plants, prefer a depolluting plant like this adorable aloe vera.Easy to maintain, he lives with love, sunshine and fresh water!
pine plant scale
If you’re passionate about plants or flowers, and you can not stop using them all over your home, make your life easier and invest in a wooden ladder. A deco object as practical as it is aesthetic!
Wooden wall bracket with metal pot
For lack of a garden worthy of the name, nothing prevents you from creating yours in miniature at home. In this metal pot hanging on the wall, plant your favorite flowers or herbs. And here is a minimalist garden ultra deco!
Jute flowerpot with white dots
Let it be said, a flower pot is not always the deco object of our home.This is precisely the moment to choose a stylish hiding place, like this model in jute, in natural material and with delicate white dots!
Enjoy the spring and find our selection of objects for the garden and the outdoors!