8 DIY to make a coat rack

It’s a decorative element that we tend to neglect. However, the coat rack can wake up a slightly bland entrance. If it fits your interior style and available space, it can be the centerpiece of your entry. And because it costs three times nothing, you have no excuse for not going there! And if you lack inspiration, all you have to do is discover our 8 favorite DIYs to make a coat rack!


1. Natural and poetic

diy coat hanger wood branch

The advantage of DIY is that with a nothing, we come to everything! This coat rack made from a simple branch of wood is the proof. Imagined by the creator of the blog The effortless chic, it is ultra easy to do since it only requires hooks! For support, consider picking up a thick wood branch and resisting it.And if you have the opportunity to find, bamboo can do just fine. The good idea? Treat the finishes by painting a part of the branch of wood. Here, the blogger used a golden paint but you can also choose pastel shades for a soft and poetic coat rack or black for a more chic and graphic!



2. Minimalist version

DIY minimalist coat rack
Once again, here is an example of DIY that requires three times nothing but throws it totally! Composed of small wooden cleats, this coat rack takes the form of zig zag. And the advantage is that you can imagine the shapes you want! If your entrance opens on a deep corridor, you can accumulate a large amount of cleats and form a long coat rack. If your entry is very small, nothing prevents you from superimposing several lines of zig zag.In any case, with its geometric and minimalist look, it is easily imagined in a classic and contemporary interior. Hop, one more reason to adopt it!



3. In the short scale

DIY coat rack scale
Looking for an original coat rack? With the hijacking of objects, it’s easy! The idea is simple: use a banal object and give it a completely different function. Like this coat rack made from a ladder. So go to the attic or cellar and dust off your old ladder to give it a second life! For a bucolic nature-style interior, sand and treat (if needed) and keep a wood look. Retro, bohemian or even Scandinavian deco lovers can repaint it. Anyway, this coat rack is super practical: it allows both to hang his clothes and both to store accessories and bags in boxes just above.



4. Furniture 2 in 1

diy coat rack
A coat rack that doubles as a shelf? We call it a multifunction object! This is what the Idle Hands Awake blog offers with this simple but refined DIY. Why do we like? Because having a small shelf above the coats, it allows to put a mirror (or fix it above like here), small plants, an empty pocket and why not a poster? It’s simple, it helps to make this place of passage, more warm and cozy. But above all, it’s ideal when you live in small spaces. Indeed, in a very small entrance, this shelf coat rack is the ideal ally to save space!



5. Mikado game

diy Scandinavian coat rack
Adepts of Scandinavian-inspired decoration, you will fall for this clean coat rack.In the same way that mikado, it is large wooden rods that compose it. Connected together with a rope, the stems naturally find their place to form a coat rack. To make it even more elegant, you can paint your feet in white or black. For a Scandinavian or feminine interior, think of pastel shades. Whether installed in an entrance, bedroom or office, one thing is certain, it will be the main decorative element of your room. Find the complete DIY on I do it myself.



6. King of the glide

diy coat rack skate board
Once again, the hijacking of objects offers a new look at the decor. Snow sports enthusiasts will be seduced by this atypical coat rack. And for good reason, it was made from a skateboard board. To make this coat rack, simply attach pegs (or hooks) on the board and hang on the wall.And if skateboarding is not your thing, you can use skis, a surfboard or even a sledge as shown in this DIY. Whatever you choose, a coat rack as original as this one will not go unnoticed!



7. On the school benches

DIY school coat hanger
For large families (or shopaholics!), A coat rack should not only be pretty; it must be practical! In other words, it must allow to store a maximum of jackets. And to optimize the space, what better than hooks to suspend your business? Fixed on a large wooden board, hooks and coats accumulate as on this diy blog Dear Lillie. We do not know you, but we, it reminds us with nostalgia, the coat racks of the school! The trick storage: install a shelf just above where you can put hats and decorative objects!



8.The unexpected

Nikos Tsoumanis Coat Rack
Finally, we finish with a last hijacking and this time, we can not be more original! This is a creation by designer Nikos Tsoumanis. Master of the illusion, this designer has used different pieces of chair that comes to fix on the wall. Result? It seems that the chairs are completely embedded in the wall! And because he is bold, the designer has chosen to set the chairs upside down to use the feet and suspend his clothes. What give ideas to create a rack completely offset …