8 ideas for making a bedside table

Create a bedside table without breaking the bank.

No need to break the piggy bank to equip his bedroom with one or two bedside tables. With some elements of recycling and customization accessories, and a little elbow grease, we can create original and unique creations. 

A bedside table with suitcases

Catch some vintage suitcases and stack them up. In addition to serving as a bedside table, this allows you to store your belongings, your accessories, … You can slip: tights, jerseys, scarves, bags, …
08720820-photo-bedside table-diy-suitcases.jpg
Old suitcases stacked for a stylish bedside table!

A bedside table with wooden crates

Whether old or not, the wooden crates are used everywhere in the decoration and layout of its interior. Stacked on the floor or fixed to the wall, the wooden boxes fit perfectly into bedside tables in the bedroom.
You can leave them raw, varnish or repaint them, dress up the background of wallpaper, it is you who decide according to the decoration and the desired mood. Customization has no limits!
08720822-table-table-bedside-diy-wooden-box. jpg
The inevitable wooden case is also transformed into a bedside table.

A bedside table restyled

Why buy new when you can relook the old?
In a garage sale, a flea market or at Emmaus, you will find different styles and models of vintage bedside tables, from the 30s to the 70s.
It only remains to roll up the sleeves to leach, sand and repaint or customize with wallpaper or adhesive paper. Your restyled bedside table will add a certain cachet to your room.
Chiner an old bedside table for the makeover.

A wooden bedside table

Thanks to this tutorial, make a nice graphic night table, made of wooden planks. In addition to being designed, this hanging night table takes up little space but still allows you to put your things. It is ideal in a small room. Even the cat seems to like it!
Even the cat seems to appreciate this design bedside table!

A bedside table with a chair or stool

The simple things are often the best … Why not have a chair or stool on either side of the bed, to be able to put some books and a lamp.
A simple wooden chair, an Ikea stool, … will do the job.
An Ikea step or a chine chair as a bedside table.

A bedside table with drawers

Making a bedside table with new or old drawers is a pretty original and decorative idea. Old drawers deserve a second life and reusing them in the bedside table will give a more stylish effect to your bedroom. You can leave them raw or paint them completely or halfway.
Divert drawers to make night tables.

A suspended bedside table

The suspended bedside table gives an air and poetic atmosphere to the room. The suspended tray offers little stability, so we will not put a lamp on but rather books or things that are not fragile. Or do-like Celine, fix a light bulb on the board!
The tutorial is very simple but you have to be ready to pierce its ceiling!
An airy atmosphere with a suspended bedside table.

A bedside table in wood log

Notice to those who have the tools to make a natural wooden log bedside table, whether round or square, it will be the most beautiful effect !
You can play on the painting with geometric shapes, placing 2 or more logs of different heights side by side. It works very well also for children’s rooms, in this case use rounded corners to avoid big bumps …
A natural bedside table in wood log.