8 ideas to make a cozy room

At a time when the trend is nesting, we want a cozy room where to lounging, not just sleeping. We take action with wraparound accessories for a most cozy atmosphere. This is the cocooning selection that will make you crack!
Milana Headboard
Affixing a headboard is the finishing touch that can change everything in the decor of the room. It is to give it, look like nothing, a soft and soothing air. You’ll love this elegant model studded with upholstery nails. Romantic Spirit, are you there?
beige linen storage bench
This double function furniture easily fits in a cozy room. A storage box for storing his belongings and a small bench for fitting. We love its soft hue as much as its comfortable foam cover.
Douchka sheep skin
We never get tired of a sheepskin, the cozy accessory par excellence! Cover to hang out in bed, or carpet to warm the room at a glance. You will enjoy walking barefoot in all circumstances …
Solid linen duvet cover
Do you think that choosing washed linen for the bed is a bad idea? On the contrary, it is a highly recommended material, with incomparable softness. It keeps warm in the winter, refreshes the summer and promotes sleep because it allows good ventilation.
Gossy feather bedside lamp
Here is an irresistible lamp for cocooner! We love its cloud-shaped design, its lightness and the softness of its feathers.What chic on the bedside table when, after dark, it will diffuse its delicate light by your side.
Pillowcase Mist navy blue
A room becomes cozy too when one stores there a nice collection of cushions, on the bed or an armchair. We love the softness of this cotton percale cover as much as its trendy pattern.
Sheep Faux Fur Plaid
We always look for the comfort of a blanket to laze in the room with a good book or during a nap. This double-sided plaid will make happy! Side pile, the softness of imitation fur, side face the sweetness of the polar.
Round rattan lantern
What sweetness inspires this lantern! Its reassuring shape and the lightness of the wicker spread a cozy atmosphere in the room.You will love the invitation to the trip she gives you for moments of relaxation assured.
Find the whole universe of the room to find other ideas!