A homemade puzzle to fill the little ones

Kids will love this easy-to-make custom puzzle!

Here is a nice Easter gift idea, to slip in a big chocolate egg or to keep the kids occupied during the holidays. The little ones will be happy to recompose a family picture or the portrait of one of their siblings, and the older ones can even participate in the making of the puzzle! 

The material

– 9 wooden cubes (pine or birch) of 4 cm on the side (in a DIY store or in a toy shop)
– A family photo in square format 12X12 cm printed on machine paper
– White glue and a brush-brush
– A pair of scissors, a cutter or a paper scalpel
– A cutting mat
– A graduated rule
– A pencil of paper

diy puzzle material
Budget: less than $15 USD
Duration: 1/2 hour


1. Print a photo in 12X12 cm format. Draw 4X4 cm squares in pencil.

wooden diy puzzle

2. Cut along the lines using scissors, cutter or scalpel.

cutting puzzle diy

3. Glue the back of each piece of photo with the brush. Then apply them on each cube. Tap the edges and corners for perfect grip. Let dry completely.

make wooden puzzle

In the end

And now, your homemade puzzle is ready! Do not hesitate to add to the exercise with a more complicated visual depending on the age of the child. You can even use the different faces of the cubes to recompose several photos and increase the difficulty. For a more “finished” gift, you can offer your puzzle in a small box or make a cloth pouch to carry it.
do house puzzle
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