A mix & match style lounge

Precisely dosed and well thought out, the decoration mix & amp; match creates a unique atmosphere and quite representative of the owners’ state of mind. Between favorite furniture and pieces from elsewhere, the mix & amp; match has more than one trick in his bag. Dare, you’ll see!
Yellow armchair with capitons
The dimples of this chair are auspicious: they announce a maximum dose of comfort in the living room! And because style matters as much as comfort, it is chosen mustard yellow: enough to awaken the decor effectively. This original armchair will bring a bohemian touch to any style.
Round wooden coffee table and black metal
Design and contemporary, this Scandinavian style coffee table mixes with all types of furniture.Its more? Its recycled mango wood tray! Ecological and trendy, its large tray allows you to enhance a few bunches of flowers and other trinkets!
Berber cotton rug
Between tribal patterns and fringes, this Berber carpet seems straight from the heights of the Moroccan Atlas. Bohemian to perfection, it brings a very trendy ethnic touch to the living room and creates relief without false notes.
Modern 3 seater sofas, dark gray
Classic and modern, sober and chic … This dark gray sofa has everything to please and room to accommodate three people. More Scandinavian style, it will do wonders in your decor and will succeed hands down all “mix & match” decoration!
Cushion with gray stripes and tassels
Striped and beautifully embellished with pompoms, this ethnic cushion will invite itself willingly on a classic gray sofa to enhance it as it should.As an echo of the Berber carpet, it becomes a must-have accessory for a mix & amp; successful match.
Faux fur ivory jet
Faux fur did not say its last word. And all the more with this throwing ivory, to hang out at the end of the sofa or on an armchair. Cozy and warm, it is also very deco. A true must-have mix & amp; match.
Lot of 2 industrial harnesses made of wood and black metal
Can not compose a lounge style mix & amp; match without a touch of industrial deco. Demonstration with these 2 wooden and black metal saddles that will integrate with bohemian accessories as well as contemporary furniture.
Scandinavian beige footstool footstool
This ottoman footrest is a Scandinavian basic that will not escape your living room.A grail of comfort that, with its beige color, mixes and matches with just about anything. Or, absolutely everything. With him, you risk nothing, otherwise gain a few points in addition comfort level.
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