A short guide to painting your room

Do you redecorate your room? But what walls to paint and how? All our tips and mistakes to avoid to create a cocoon for rest!

Your room is the room in which you will take refuge, as a haven of peace, to sleep or stroll. How to make it pleasant? With appropriate colors, for an atmosphere that encourages rest. Once your choice of colors, how to do it? What walls to paint? Here are all our tips and mistakes to avoid! 

Paint the wall of the headboard to give the stamp

You do not know which wall to paint? Be aware that in the room, we often evoke the rule of 3 + 1 : we paint three walls of one color, and the last, preferably headboard, of a different color.

What is good with painting is that everything is possible: completely paint the wall to which the bed leans or delimit a specific area. The good idea is to create a painting decoration around the headboard, to highlight it, and to bring a decorative touch. Not only will it cost you less than a real headboard (that said, nothing prevents you to put one also to protect the wall and gain comfort), but in addition it gives a lot of character to the room.

In this case, start by choosing the desired shape: classic with a large rectangle of paint a little dark (taupe, dark gray or deep blue night for example), geometric with beautiful pastel triangles, or a flight of butterflies … You can easily do it yourself, with spray paint or potted: mark the area to be painted with tape or stencils, spend one or two layers and voila!
A nice blue-gray to paint the wall of the headboard and bring a wave of well-being

How to paint the room according to the desired effect? ​​

To choose which wall to paint with which color, everything will depend on the desired effect!
To bring contrast to a room , you can play the map of the two-color, alternating a light color and a dark one. Want to enlarge the room ? Bet everything on the light colors. In this case, the 4 walls can be painted the same shade (white, beige, very light gray …).

You can also paint the bottom wall of the darkest color to give a print of volume . Be aware that dark walls and a light floor will give them aimpression of height . To give depth , paint the back wall in a light color and the others in a darker shade! Finally, for a bright room , apply the darkest color on the window side so that the incoming light can be reflected on the opposite wall, preferably painted a light color.

Playing with the decoration of the room

If you have a chimney, or a decorative element lighthouse in the room (a green wall, a large frame, a basement …), do not hesitate to attract the watch out for this wall with a bright paint. On the other hand, if the wall is loaded with decoration (eg, frame or mirror accumulation) it is better to paint it with a light and discreet color.

On the ceiling, it is generally advisable to paint it in matt white, to promote brightness. But it is also a beautiful surface to let talk about your originality! For a refined touch, style “chic hotel room”, you can paint it with a frank and contrasting color (a dark gray, a gray blue …) And why not extend this color partly on the top of the walls to create a graphic game?

You will understand, in painting, everything is possible. Make your room a cozy place but especially a room to your image.