Adopt slate paint all over the house

School blackboards miss you? Between nostalgic memories and decorative tricks, bring the slate paint at home. Creativity is at the rendezvous.

Slate painting will not leave you unmoved! Ideal to let children and adults express themselves, this decorative painting is inviting a little everywhere in the house until becoming a decoration accessory which changes and evolves according to the moods of the inhabitants. Most ? No indelible effect. A sponge, and presto, we start from scratch. We explain to you where to apply the slate paint and how to divert it. With your chalks! 

A chalkboard in the kitchen thanks to the slate paint

In the kitchen, a slateboard unfolds over a wall or frieze on one or more walls. It all depends on the configuration of the room. This school board is extremely handy for quickly noting a recipe idea, keeping the shopping list up to date or keeping important family appointments under the eyes. You can also ask the children to take care of the wall decoration : one thing is certain, they will do it very willingly.

Another option: paint the table top with slate paint so that the little ones can take care of the dessert without leaving the table.
And why not slate paint on the fridge to record the list of races?

Slate paint in the living room

Painting a blackboard in the living room can be a very good idea. The goal: that each member of the family can appropriate space by giving free rein to his creativity. This space of free expression will appeal as much to the children as to the adults! Thus, it will occupy the children during the long winter evenings, and can serve as ephemeral guestbook after a party or dinner with friends, or support for a part of Pictionary. We can also include the agenda of the whole family by drawing about thirty boxes, month after month.

If the children’s play area is in the living room, slate walls can also be a good tip for delimiting it. But that’s not all ! Slate paint can also be applied as a chimney contour. With its black color, it frames the fireplace in an elegant and warm way for a very deco result. A tip: plan a chalk door and a sponge door so that it does not drag on the ground!
08712046-photo-use-paint-slate-salon-leroy-merlin. jpg
In a few strokes of chalk and rag, you change the decor of your living room!

More creative rooms with a blackboard

The blackboards of the schoolchildren are invited in all rooms of the house, rooms included! And think again, they are not reserved for children’s rooms. These areas of free expression will also delight adults. Applying slate paint to the bed can then draw with chalk a headboard worthy of a royal family! Elsewhere in the room, you can write blackboard for your favorite quotes , daily mantras, and if your drawing skills are undisputed, you can consider drawing a custom fresco yourself. One last idea: draw frames directly with chalk and paste inside each of the photos. A clever parade to avoid breaking the walls!
To write on the walls while playing the master or the mistress? A dream come true!

In the hallway, there is slate painting!

Among the privileged rooms to apply slate paint, the entrance is often the most popular.Its black color gives character to the place as soon as you push the door, and its slate side can customize the space in two-three strokes of chalk. This way, you can define the storage spaces , indicate to each one the coat hook assigned to it or simply welcome each new arrival. Family atmosphere at the rendezvous! And if you have the easy brushstroke, why not paint the vertical parts of the steps of the stairs to leave little words of encouragement, always pleasant when climbing the stairs?
As soon as you enter, greet your hosts or spouse with sweet little words!

A desk decorated with chalk

Placed over a desk, a blackboard can serve as a giant post-it. Appointment not to forget, reminder, weekly, list of things to do … Organization question we did not find more convenient to work effectively. If your office is located in a transit area or in a common living space for the whole family, painting a few square meters with slate paint will visually delineate your workspace. Practical!
A blackboard above the desk to work efficiently.

Do It Yourself with black paint galore

Do It Yourself side, slate painting applies almost everywhere in the house: let your creativity speak!
– Draw a slate paint label on your kitchen jars to quickly identify pasta, sugar, flour and other condiments. 
– The flower pots are also part of it! By painting them as in our tutorial, you can then enter the name of each plant and recommendations for their maintenance.
– Another tip is to paint the cheese board and then chalk its contents. Your guests will know what to expect!
A little slate paint and we find more easily his socks!

How to use slate paint at home?

Do not worry, slate paint is very easy to use. Beforehand, measure the surfaces you want to cover with black and go to the decorative paint department. There you will find your happiness. Sold between 3 and 9 euros per square meter, the slate painting requires one or two layers depending on the brand. Also know that you can choose between a matte or satin finish. And like all other paints, make sure your wall is clean and uneven before applying your slate paint.
The slate paint is ideal to put words in the center of your decor!