All our ideas for a factory-style show!

Do you dream of an industrial loft style interior? Steel light fixtures, vintage Chesterfield sofa, brushed metal chair, rust effect accessories, raw wood tables. Here is a custom-made floor-to-ceiling decoration selection, to create a factory-like factory style of yesteryear.
Suspension in black metal
This rust effect metal suspension will allow you to give a little industrial touch to the decor of your room. Its visible bulb will add a little extra and will be ideal over a dining table or in the living room.
Wooden coffee table with wheels
This coffee table in solid wood and industrial design will be the centerpiece of your living room. Its metal wheels will give a New York loft effect to your decor in the blink of an eye.It will only remain to add some accessories!
Chesterfield 3 seater sofa
The essential piece for industrial style interiors: the Chesterfield. Perfect to sit comfortably in your living room while giving it a vintage factory look. You may not want to stand up again!
Industrial wall clock
It is missing a little something to your room to get an industrial deco? Have you thought about decorating your walls? It will be done with this clock! Its brushed metal finishes will add cachet to everything. There is more than a minute to lose!
Iron wall mirror
Dreaming of an airy lounge XXL way industrial workshop? This large window mirror is exactly the deco tip you need.You will not only have the illusion of a larger space but a guaranteed loft effect!
Black carpet imitation goatskin
Soils are too often put in the background in terms of decoration. Not this time with this black imitation goatskin rug, which will strengthen your factory style. Ideal to bask in front of a movie leaving your slippers in the closet.
Factory TV Stand
This TV stand is perfect if you are looking for a vintage and industrial decor in your living room. Its mix of light wood and dark wood gives it a crazy charm. The two compartments allow easy storage console and other DVDs!
This metal chair with a slightly inclined backrest will be perfect in a dining room or office, or as a bedside table (yes!).It will give a look of factory to your decor without doing too much!
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