An oriental balcony inspired by Morocco

The oriental decoration can not be improvised. Here are some deco tracks for you to create an oriental balcony worthy of a tale of Thousand and One Nights.

Inspired by the riads of Marrakech or the heights of the Moroccan Atlas, oriental decoration is more than ever in tune with the times. It is therefore an opportunity to invite him on your balcony to make it a festive and welcoming place in the image of Morocco and its inhabitants. Small or large terrace, it does not matter: the decoration of Moroccan inspiration adapts to all surfaces. Two slogans: ethnic and colorful. It’s your turn to play. 

Choose your outdoor furniture for an oriental terrace

All Moroccan salons, without exception, have one: the low bench . It is the key piece of oriental decoration. Convivial and practical, it allows to comfortably accommodate your guests. Choose it in ocher tones: it will be the basic element of the decoration of your terrace. If you have a small space you can opt for a meridian, just as effective. Then place an engraved copper or mosaic tray on small trestles made of carved wood: you will have a real coffee table to serve the mint tea. Another must-have for oriental decoration: a Berber carpet for lounging outside. Kilim or boucharouette , it’s up to you to choose according to your tastes. Only imperative: cover your carpet big beanbags leather or cotton. For low budget, plastic mats placed on the ground will work just as well.
The low bench will be at the heart of your oriental balcony.

Moroccan-inspired accessories on your balcony

To make your balcony a real riad, do not joke with the accessories: all your oriental decoration is played here! Start with the bright spots. Prefer several small sources of light to create a warm Moroccan atmosphere. And good news: Morocco loves wrought iron lanterns to put directly on the ground for larger ones, or to hang for smaller ones. There are also many models of wrought iron sconces that diffuse a nice discreet light on the walls. Add some candles and you’re done!

You can then adjust your decor with ethnic cushions and embroidered poufs very comfortable. If ethnic prints tickle you, you can fall back on black and white stripes for a more chic oriental decoration. Do not forget the teapot, tea glasses and a tajine dish for fruit. The ideal accessory? A handira lying nonchalantly on the bench. This traditional blanket, offered at Moroccan weddings, is white, fringed and embroidered with rhinestones and pearls. A valuable asset for your oriental terrace!
Decorative and practical, lanterns are essential on an oriental balcony!

Plants for an oriental terrace

Who says Moroccan terrace, says adequate plants. So play with the vegetation. However, stay modest so that the contribution in greenery does not take over your already loaded decoration. For an oriental patio atmosphere, opt for an olive tree, palm trees, hibiscus and cacti. Arrange them in colorful flower pots or terracotta pots, alongside woven baskets from the Atlas.

The trick: to enhance your plants, without over-accumulating them, you can paint an exterior wall. Dare an ocher red, a sparkling yellow or a Majorelle blue, taking example on the famous Marrakech garden, and arrange your plants in front.They will emerge with elegance and without making tons of them.
Some green and succulent plants will refine the decor of the oriental balcony.

DIY to perfect your oriental balcony

In deco, everything is in the detail. Here are some ideas of Do It Yourself to refine your oriental terrace:
– The Moroccan decoration can not do without pompoms. Make your own and attach them to each end of your cushions to give them looks from elsewhere.
– Do not leave your baskets behind. Make them unique by customizing them in two swings. Customization is good!
– Passionate about mosaic? Know that vinyls today imitate them perfectly. An ideal option for covering floors and tables at low prices! 
photo-08693946-balcony-Eastern Moroccan-paniers.jpg
Have fun customizing your cushions and baskets braided!