Balconies and gardens: 5 Ikea hacks to test

Our ideas for customizing Ikea accessories this summer.

With a lot of imagination and a little DIY, Ikea accessories are personalized, transformed and reinvented. This trend, nicknamed “Ikea hacking” by the Anglo-Saxons allows to create a unique decor from the inevitable Swedish brand. 5 examples to test this summer for the balcony, terrace, garden and picnics! 

Frosta balcony suspensions for the balcony

Everyone knows the famous Frosta stool, and most of us have already bought it at least once. For the modest sum of 12 euros, this stackable birch plywood seat is recognizable by the elegance of its curved legs. And if instead of assembling it by screwing its four feet to the round seat, one screwed each foot against a wall of the balcony to hang suspensions? Attached to different heights, these curved wooden supports seem signed by a great designer … for 3 euros each!
Tip: Recycle the seat by creating a bedside table with another Frosta stool.
Do you recognize the Frosta stool?

A mini-garden with a Raskog service

Ultra-practical, Ikea steel Raskog service with epoxy coating makes it possible to store a multitude of accessories in the kitchen, the dining room, the dining room bath or office. On the balcony or inside, it turns into a small garden in a jiffy. For that, it is enough to accumulate pots on each of the three stages, or to spread directly a layer of balls of agiles and a layer of potting soil at the bottom of each rack. In case of extreme cold, this small garden on wheels fits easily inside …
Tips: Give preference to hanging plants in the upper bin and varieties adapted to the shade in the lower bin. Ideal also to create a miniature vegetable garden at child height.
Outside or inside, this little garden is irresistible!

A vertical garden with the Grundtal and Fintrop ranges

On a balcony or in a small garden, do you dream of a low-cost and easy-to-install wall of vegetation? Go for a walk in the kitchen area of ​​the Swedish giant and crack for wall storage Fintorp, Grundtal and Bygel. Designed to decorate the kitchen, these accessories are perfect for creating a wall of pots that you can fill with plants. Some support bars, hooks, buckets and hop, voila!
Tips: Use buckets and containers as planters. If you water too much, just remove them to empty them and avoid stagnant water.
Recycled kitchen accessories on the balcony!

A picnic tablecloth with an Ikea blue bag

Ikea’s famous blue bag has not stopped being talked about. Very resistant, its tarpaulin makes it possible to create an insulating picnic blanket. To get started, you need a sewing machine, a thin duvet or a fleece blanket, 9 tea towels and 6 Frakta blue bags. The bags and tea towels are cut and sewn together to form a large rectangle the size of the comforter. After that, all you have to do is stack the three layers and sew everything together …
Tip: Keep the handles of a bag to create a handle to carry the blanket.
A DIY picnic tablecloth with Ikea blue bags

A balcony decoration or a swing with bed slats

In the garden and on the balcony, the bed slats are recycled and used as planks in wood both flexible and resistant. Depending on your level of craftsmanship, you can saw, sand and assemble them to create planters, wall shelves for the balcony or wooden supports to hang flower pots on. The most courageous will start making a swing, by drilling small pieces of lath with a drill at both ends and threading the wooden beads on a nylon rope …
Tip: We love the idea of ​​a wall panel on the balcony to hang plants, but also accessories to bubble and have lunch outside …