Ceiling height: how to enjoy it?


The ceiling height is rather good press in decorating magazines: it’s elegant, it gives an impression of space and beautiful setting interior … Still need to know how to use it!


Nothing beats the classic: a library


At one time, it was thought that only bound books deserved to be displayed in a noble wood library, such as walnut or oak. Heresy! A large library floor to ceiling, it has a sacred pace. Fill it with all your readings, pocketbooks, comic books, various magazines, book a DVD sector, video games … What makes a mess? The papers, of course. Invoices, files, correspondence … But let’s be logical, practical, and aesthetic, just a few lockers, boxes, filing cabinets, to camouflage (and organize) this potential bazaar. And with class, because pretty boxes, we find as well as we can do it yourself!
hanging plants


It’s high … Top?


If you have more than 3.60 meters of ceiling, it becomes possible to build a mezzanine! We keep 2 meters downstairs, just to stay carrez law and keep a real nice room to live, and we create a secondary space in height. It can be very small, hidden with mirrored doors that reflect the light, to accommodate a simple storage space accessed by a ladder.It can also become a small secondary lounge, to read, watch TV, with a low bench, beanbags, a soft carpet … For cozy evenings lit candle! You understand, the important thing is to imagine a sitting space. That it is office, playroom for the children (think then with the barriers and railings of security!), Secondary lounge … it is a space that you create, to you the freedom!