Clean the terrace slabs

Winter storms or simple letting go: roll up its sleeves to give the terrace a well-deserved makeover! A simple and effective cleaning to remove dirt from slabs with healthy and economical products – perfect result!


Our advice

– Miracle products
– At each spot its remedy
– Daily maintenance
– The prohibited product



1. The miracle products

No need to conquer supermarkets, we opt for a clean, ecological and economical cleaning with the products of the house.
Baking soda: we can not say it enough, it’s THE perfect product for a healthy home. It cleans gently and respects the environment.
Soda crystals: As effective as bicarbonate, the crystals deeply cleanse and act as a scrub for relief surfaces.
White vinegar: it is adopted to disinfect and eliminate all kinds of bacteria.
Marseille soap: with its sweet scent, it whitens floors and other blackened areas in just a few minutes.



2. At each stain its remedy

Drink stains (tea, coffee or alcohol): A sponge is enough when the stain is quite fresh, otherwise apply a cloth soaked in water with glycerine. >
The stains of our friends the animals (excrement or urine): If the accident is not recent, use a brush to rub with a mixture of coarsely grated Marseille soap and water – the laundry powder is also suitable. Do not forget to rinse with clear water!
The stains of mother nature: Leaf or plant stains, we remove the stains left by the garden in the same way as a cat pee – with soap Marseille.The only difference is that the product is left to act more (about 30 minutes), before rinsing it.
Fat stains: The stain is dusted with an absorbent body. Flour, talc or powdered detergent work perfectly for cooking oil stains, for example. Once the dry area is enough to dust. If the mark persists or is not recent, you can proceed in the same way with bicarbonate by rubbing with a brush.



3. Daily maintenance

The slab terrace can present certain reliefs in which the dirt loves to nestle. To facilitate the spring cleaning, this surface is maintained on a daily basis.
Its terrace is waterproofed to protect it from stains and stubborn soils.
The surface and edges are cleaned once or twice a month with a water / baking soda mixture to prevent the growth of mold and black marks.
Natural debris (dead leaves and branches) is removed regularly to maintain a clean surface.
We sweep from time to time to unclog slabs and eliminate excess dust.



4. The prohibited product

To wash a slab terrace, the ease would be that one uses powerful chemicals – bleach or other oxidizing liquids. However we do not strongly recommend their use. Not only is bleach a poison for the environment, but it also attacks soils such as concrete or wood. You will obtain an effective result to eliminate the dirt but which will prove harmful in the long term for the coating as for the plants!