Create a micro-garden for small spaces with children

If it is easy to introduce children to the joys of nature, small townspeople are less fortunate and sometimes it is difficult to create a little greenery where they can scratch the earth and learn patience. of the gardener. Nevertheless even in a small space, it is always possible to recreate a micro-garden on a window sill or shelf. Perhaps even the child will appreciate this green space even more to his measure!


Gardening children, a good idea

Giving children the opportunity to have their own garden, as tiny as it is, is to confront them with new materials: earth, gravel, wood clay, to new tools like the watering can or the planter … Gardening, even on a small scale, is awakening all its senses, between the colors of the flowers, the perfume of the aromatics or the taste of the tomatoes, it is a 360 ° experience. It also develops their skill, allows them to learn the names of the flowers, the seasonality of the species and makes them want to taste new vegetables they will grow themselves!
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Gardening, a pleasure that can be learned early!

By letting your child have fun in his own micro garden, no fears of damaging your crops or your favorite flowers! Choose easy-to-live species and do not dramatize if the seedlings do not rise or if the lack of water limits the growth of basil! The important thing is to allow the child to marvel at new shoots, the rhythm of the seasons … not to feel guilty in case of failure.The randomness of gardening is also what makes it beautiful, it is an excellent learning of patience and perseverance!
Among the easy plants, we find the succulents that can be content with watering spaced, nasturtiums, thoughts and worries whose fast and abundant flowering will delight children, but also ivy, misery, sunflowers … Also think with bulbs which, planted in autumn, will bloom in the spring. On the vegetable side, if you have a little room to install planters, beans, radishes, onions and cherry tomatoes on a sunny balcony or window sill are relatively easy to grow and kids will love making their small harvest and eat it!
If you really have little space, you can just have a small pot, a mini-planter, or even a saucer where to germinate lentils or beans. Remember that for a child, the growth of a plant is always magical, whatever it is.Some grass seeds can do the trick!
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Some ideas for a micro-garden

There are not only flowerpots in life! Imagine, recycle original containers and let children’s imagination run wild. A unique micro-garden will be the pride of the little ones!
In an egg box, children can grow plants with few roots. Simply drill the bottom to avoid excess water.
Recycle a toy they no longer use: a cable car cabin, a truck or tractor trailer will be perfect to accommodate small succulents. Remember to protect the bottom with a little plastic and water moderately, preferably with a spray, to avoid overflowing.
A simple plastic bottle cut in 2 can serve as a pot: the upper part returned will welcome some pebbles and soil, while the lower part will serve as a water reservoir. You will be able to sprout avocado, mango or apricot kernels, and so marvel at the renewal of a fruit already eaten.
It’s easy to create a small universe for your child in a simple pot. Fan of dinosaurs? Plug some of the succulents into the soil. Whether your child is more animal-friendly or fairy-tale-loving, all you have to do is add a few decorative elements to your composition to make it dream: some colored pebbles, shells, a Playmobil plastic fence, some characters … and here is a small recreated universe!
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