Decoration selection: life in purple

Deep and soft at the same time, the violet is cozy associated with natural colors or pop in duo with very pigmented shades. Whether you like it wise or dynamic, focus on a variety of objects to consume without moderation to integrate the color of tomorrow in our living spaces.
Purple Convertible Sofa
Comfort and aesthetics for this sofa convertible proposed in a shade of intense purple. A deep color combined with a soft coating for a decidedly cozy look that integrates with any space with its small dimensions.
Open bedside table
To bring chic in the bedroom, we fall for the bedside table openwork version. Repeating the formal codes of a cell, this steel model mixes industrial spirit and oriental look – a duo with a certain charm!
Poster donut way neon ultraviolet
Playful and trendy, the ultra-violet is also revealed in 2D version with this large poster. Gourmet and original, the latter brings THE singular touch to the decor without risk taking!
Pastel Purple Rectangular Rug
The purple color warms the feet too with this soft rectangular rug. Whether you like it down the bed or in the middle of the living room, it brings depth and elegance to the space thanks to its intense color and its luminous material.
Glass lamp tinted with mason jar
Intense color yes, but not necessarily dull! Purple is also presented as a table lamp with a devious version of the mythical pot mason – subdued atmosphere guaranteed for the surfaces in evil of decorative object. Office, shelf or dresser, we integrate this light accessory to transform the atmosphere in a wink.
Purple Microfiber Cushion with Tangram Relief
Discreet but effective touch, for the more cautious one turns to accessories to sow here and there of the house to bring a bit of sweetness. And what better than a cushion to offer a decorative touch both aesthetic and cozy!
Dark Purple Round Basket Duo
Hand-woven, the baskets of rush bring a natural and unique touch to our spaces.A clever and aesthetic storage that allows us to offer our interior a modern and authentic touch, all subtlety.
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