Decorative selection for a black and white lounge that throws

A black and white decor in a living room does not necessarily rhyme with slightly boring monochrome look. All you need is the right accessories and key furniture to add contrast and relief to your room. Here are our top deco tips for a living room that launches!
Scandinavian sofa 2 places
The sofa remains the centerpiece of the show. This 2 seater sofa upholstered in black Nordic style fabric will be perfect to give a modern touch to your room. Not to mention that its soft seat will not leave you unmoved. Thank you who?
Ethnic cushion
This pillow with monochrome prints will be your ally for any cozy evening on the sofa in the living room. Feel free to combine different graphic patterns in black and white to add contrast to your decor.We love it.
Cupid Round Coffee Table & Marble
This white marble print coffee table is the pinnacle of chic in a living room. Ideal to add a contemporary touch to your black and white decor while keeping your practical objects at your fingertips. Not bad, no?
Black and white ethnic carpet
The decoration of the floor is too often left in the living room. Raise the contrast of your room with this black and white rug with ethnic hypnotic prints. Not to mention that it is very soft!
Design black floor lamp in metal and fabric
Bring a cozy atmosphere with the dim light of this black cloth and metal floor lamp. All without minimizing the design of your living room. Perfect for your movie nights or quiet moments spent reading.
Library in white mango tree
This white mango bookcase is ideal for a contemporary black and white interior and original. Discreet in the living room, add elements that will contrast with your decor like photo frames, books or black accessories.
Scandinavian table in black matte and glossy wood
If you’re lucky enough to have a completely open living room, put the dining area in value with this pretty black table with Scandinavian design. All you have to do is add cozy chairs alternating black and white. Sublime!
Set of 2 black rattan chairs
Opt for these black rattan chairs to soften your decor. You can also alternate natural and black colors for even more impact.Its seating will bring you all the necessary comfort to taste good small dishes.
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