Decorative visit: the mix of styles seen by the instagram meuse A New Look

The story of Virginia is wildly inspiring … and makes wings grow! Parisienne, she decided to change her life and start all over again, with her family, near La Rochelle, in the Marais Poitevin. She goes from finance to deco without transition, and creates in the process her small business and an Instagram account. Success is almost immediately at the rendezvous! His fans are not mistaken, they capture through his photos all his kindness, his love of nature, his family and his delicate taste of pretty things … Meet a spontaneous and endearing woman, who made his passion his job!
When Virginie told me her story, she captivated me … And she also made me want to leave everything to leave fissa settle me also in the Marais Poitevin! Virginia, that’s the kind of person we would like to have as a neighbor. We would have coffee together in the sun, by the pool, we would talk about deco for hours and I could poke him with good ideas! It would be easy, his living room is so well decorated, an ode to delicacy, a happy mix and match soft and bright … A real dose of inspiration!
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From Paris to La Rochelle, bitumen to the ocean

But the change of life must also go through a move. Virginie and her husband want serenity, to reconnect with real priorities and nature, to enjoy their adorable daughter … Exit the Parisian sidewalks, traffic jams and greyness … And heading to La Rochelle, its sun, its ocean, his sweetness of life! “We had a real crush on this region! The scenery is sublime, it is always beautiful, life is sweet … And then, there was the visit of this old house of Charente with incredible potential, which has finished convincing us.This is where we wanted to make our new start, nowhere else. ”
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Virginie already has the Instagram account A new look that will gradually but rapidly increase when she begins to share some bits of her new life: “I started to share this new adventure, both the discovery of this wonderful region that is the Marais poitevin but also the decorative work in the new house “. And followers flock, ever more numerous from day to day (nearly 11,000 today). They recognize themselves in this need for freedom, this radical change of life, and they appreciate Virginia’s so aptly in deco. “I post my photos with the heart and I think it shows! I do not calculate anything … Every day, I share with my community a cliché that inspires me, which makes me happy, I do not force myself, I just wait for the right moment, and it imposes itself on me naturally! ”
Result: an account that looks like him, soft and bright pictures, like her, and like the atmosphere of his house … We want more!
And for this reason, we submit Virginia to our little questionnaire … 100% decoration!



How would you define the style of your home?

“I do not have a single style of decor … I do not like the total look, I prefer to mix for a more personal atmosphere.At home, I would say it’s bohemian, vintage, jug and Scandinavian! The good idea is to invest at least in a strong room to boost its decor. For example, a real Eames chair, a Berber carpet bought in Morocco, a renovated mado buffet … ”
vintage bohemian room



Which part of your house are you most proud of?

“I would say the living room! A large room warm, bright … But it was not won! It is rather low ceiling, with beams and exposed stones, we have seen its potential, and reveal it by painting everything in white, even the beams.Because the room is very bright, welcoming and seems larger! It overlooks the garden, a true haven of peace! ”



A deco tip to give us?

“The trick would be not to hesitate to hunt in the flea markets and on the internet to find beautiful vintage pieces to revamp! I love it! I’m d & rsquo; elsewhere, transforming an old dresser buffet (which we went to look for on the Ile de Ré!) to make three different pieces: a Parisian buffet, a low glass sideboard and an old beveled mirror! in the countryside, we are in a logic of recycling, DIY, we are much more focused on nature … We love the idea of ??reviving a piece of furniture and allow it to cross generations.”
kitchen island



Do you want to decorate the moment?

“I dream of Fermob furniture for my terrace! We are lucky to have a beautiful terrace with a swimming pool … I’m looking for the ideal garden furniture to develop this space of Fermob is a French brand that offers quality and a true personality, I really like it! ”



And finally, what are your deco projects?

“We are renovating outbuildings, and in one of them we would like to organize DIY workshops, brunch-workshops, and why not a showroom of creators that I love! And then, we always have in mind to develop lodgings in the region … Of which I would of course ensure the decor to make unique and relaxing places … that would why not Parisians and to all urban, to finally disconnect! ”