Decorative visit: the Scandinavian style seen by the instagram meuse Ma Déco Lifestyle

Since the summer of 2016, Gwen has been on Instagram with her Ma Deco Lifestyle account. Every day, she shares with her almost 56,000 subscribers photos of her interior decor (but not only) … A real passion! In a short time, the young Lyon has managed to federate around her and her universe a true caring community, which appreciates the scandi style and without false note of his house. She gives us today her tips, her favorites and her desires … 100% decoration!


The story of Ma Deco Lifestyle

It all started when Gwen and her husband decided to build their house in the Lyon area. Fond of deco since always, but without necessarily being able to satiate this passion, Gwen had from now on in front of her a blank canvas … to arrange! Happiness, in a way!
She says: “I got into the game quickly! I imagined an interior decoration in a warm and sleek style, the Scandinavian style fit perfectly to my state of mind! I spotted ambiances on Pinterest and blogs deco, I spent hours refining the layout of the bathroom (note: A real challenge, see below) or looking for the right stool … And I loved it! ” In short, Gwen blossomed completely in her role as an interior decorator, as well as in that of a young mother (at that time, she was on maternity leave for her first child).
scandinavian dining room
Already in possession of a personal Instagram account, she wants to create an account dedicated to the decor. Neither one nor two (she is not the type to postpone), she creates the account Ma Deco Lifestyle, to share the layout of his house, his favorites, his culinary creations and artistic! The recipe for success? “I do not really know how to explain it, it’s pretty incredible! I think that what seduces people, it is above all my authenticity and my benevolence … I share only positive things, my states of mind I keep them for me! There is also the regularity which is important since I post every day, and availability because I try to answer all the comments. And then of course, I take care to take beautiful pictures that give want to come back! ”
My Deco Lifestyle today has close to 56.000 very committed fans, who interact and are enthusiastic about his photos. Every day, there are hundreds to ask him the references of his furniture, equipment, finishes and decorative objects … It’s our turn to submit the Lyon influence to a small questionnaire … oriented deco, you guessed it!



How would you define your decorative style?

“I like the refined atmospheres, the soft colors … So I went to a Scandinavian style decoration.We find a lot of light wood at home, white and gray, I naturally go to natural materials and colors, that’s what suits me best. ”
bathroom renovation



The room of your house that you are particularly proud of?

“Certainly the bathroom! The room does not have an obvious shape, it is a bit quirky and finding the perfect layout was a real break. Finally, after much thought, we found how to make a functional and pleasant room … The result is beyond my expectations! What made the difference is the island bath that has perfectly found its place Ours comes from Castorama and besides being very practical, she has style! ”



A deco tip easy and cheap?

“Do not hesitate to divert objects or create yourself a piece of furniture if we do not find our happiness in the trade! I had a precise idea furniture TV that I wanted (long white furniture hanging with light wooden tray) but I could not find anything interesting in store (or so much too expensive!) So we made it ourselves with … kitchen cabinets Ikea attached to a rail and a wooden board over it (thankfully, my husband is a handyman)! The illusion is perfect and I can easily get my vacuum cleaner underneath, as I wanted it! ”
illustrations Ma Deco Lifestyle