DIY: how to repaint an Ikea furniture?

To have an Ikea furniture that does not look like that of the neighbor, the easiest way is still to paint it … Provided however to master the art of painting on furniture melamine or laminate. For a clean hack, without burrs and without effort (or almost), the writing explains how to repaint an Ikea furniture in 5 steps. With your brushes.


Our 5 key steps:

– Before repainting an Ikea furniture: you have to …
– Prepare and clean the Ikea furniture to paint
– To polish the surface of the furniture Ikea
– Apply an underlay (if necessary)
– Repainting furniture Ikea



1. Before repainting an Ikea furniture: you need to …

Before you start painting your furniture kit, it is necessary to prepare your painter’s kit. To repaint your Ikea furniture, you need:
A sponge and a little laundry (or Marseille soap) : to clean your melamine furniture before repainting.
Very fine sandpaper : to sand your Ikea furniture and promote better adhesion.
A brush and a lacquering roller : to customize your Ikea furniture with paint.
Laminate and melamine paint : recommended for an efficient and fast twist, without the need for underlayment.
A tarpaulin or an old cloth : to be installed on the ground before attacking the next step.
Repaint furniture ikea convenient



2. Prepare and clean the Ikea furniture to be painted

Now that your tools are ready, it’s time to roll up your sleeves to continue your Ikea hack.
Start by removing any door handles, knobs and cabinet doors. If necessary, hide the parts you do not want to paint with tape.
Your new mission? Remove dust, residue, soiling and other grease stains with soapy water and some elbow grease. The surface of your furniture must be perfectly smooth and clean to promote the adhesion of the paint.
Once the “clean Ikea furniture” operation is successful, rinse the stand with clean water and let it dry.



3. Ikea furniture surface

And now, place in the sanding step, essential for the paint to adhere perfectly to the Ikea furniture. To do this, you must:
Use a very fine sandpaper (80 to 120 grit).
Gently sand your Ikea furniture with circular motions.
Make sure you do not forget any nook ….
Avoid sanding too hard (at the risk of tearing off the melamine or laminate layer of your Ikea furniture).
Once the surface is slightly frosted, dust off all with a damp cloth.Unmistakable sign that your Ikea furniture is ready-to-paint? The surface must (almost) no longer shine.
Furniture ikea painting renovation



4. Apply an undercoat (if necessary)

Some paints require the application of a primer (undercoat of paint) which aims to promote adhesion to the paint. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before starting (or not) in this step.
You must apply an underlay? To your rolls!
Dip the roll in the primer and apply to the surface to be painted vertically and then horizontally.
Smooth well.
Let dry.
Once the primer is dry, lightly sand the surface to be painted and dust off again.
… Your Ikea furniture is ready to paint!
Drawer ikea repaint customize



5. Repaint the furniture Ikea

After preparing the tools and the support, place the paint (finally!).
Begin by applying paint to corners, grooves and hard-to-reach areas with a small paintbrush. Then, attack the flat surfaces with the lacquer roller which must be as smooth as possible to avoid marking the surface.
For an impeccable homogeneity, take care of smoothing everything by passing the roll in vertical and horizontal stripes, without loading it.
For a perfect finish, finally, do not hesitate to add a layer (paint) by referring to the instructions on the paint bucket. Also, be sure to follow the drying instructions provided by the manufacturer before putting your Ikea furniture back in its original place.
And now, it’s up to you to play the Ikea hackers!