DIY: small houses to display children’s drawings

Small houses to decorate your home.

At this moment the trend is wood: we see everywhere, from the living room to the child’s room through the bathroom. Today we offer a DIY as simple as adorable to make small houses to hang or drop to decorate your soft interiors. Just a few sticks! So put away your saws, let’s go!

The material

– Skewered picks or wooden sticks (purchased in a hobby store)
– Masking tape
– Mini clothespins
– Poster or drawing to hang
– Scissors


1. Cut some sticks to vary the size of your houses.
2. Assemble 6 sticks by the ends with the masking tape, to form a square and a triangle for the house and its roof.
3. Hang small clothes pegs to fix the illustrations (children’s drawings, posters …).
4. You can hang your little houses on the wall or put them on a piece of furniture.

In the end

Show off your mood or expose your little ones’ works with these adorable little houses that will serve as a support. We love, do not you?
Thanks to Nathalie for this tutorial. Find her on the Moma blog and on her Instagram.
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