Do you know the weighted covers?

In recent months, the Anglo-Saxon blogosphere has been bustling around a new magic product: the weighted blankets. Originally intended for people with severe disorders, these exceptionally heavy blankets would have the power to calm anxiety, facilitate sleep and bring a sense of well-being. Zoom on this amazing accessory that is more and more about him.


The concept: a heavy blanket to calm down

If you’ve never heard of weighted blanket so far, consider it great news. Indeed, this accessory is primarily a therapeutic tool used to treat the symptoms of autism and sensory disorders. By applying gentle, firm pressure to the body, the blanket feels like a big hug, as if you were tight in warm arms. In response, the brain produces serotonin, and then melatonin, known to effectively treat anxiety and insomnia.
But in recent months, the information comes out of the strict medical field and social networks are racing for this magical cover able to reduce stress, to sleep children and to cure many ailments, such as that of the legs without rest. So, magic, really?



How to use a weighted blanket?

Outside the medical setting, the weighted blanket is generally used to reduce stress and facilitate falling asleep. You can use it sitting on your couch or in bed. Ideally, it should weigh one tenth of the weight of its user to be effective and safe. For children over 4 who have trouble sleeping, this precaution is fundamental, so that the cover is not too heavy.It must also be used under parental supervision and removed once the child is asleep. And NEVER on a baby obviously. Magic, maybe, but use with caution anyway …



Where to find a weighted blanket?

If weighted blankets are still difficult to find commercially outside of a therapeutic use, the tutorials flourish on the internet at high speed. To believe that all Anglo-Saxon bloggers (and their children) encounter problems falling asleep! The idea is to sew between two blankets compartments that are filled with rice, dry beans or small plastic balls of this kind (more convenient to wash the cover to the machine).
Honestly, we have not tested yet, but the craze for these blankets across the Atlantic makes us think that the phenomenon will soon land in Europe! And you, are you tempted by the experience?
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