Folder: a DIY gift for him

A handmade gift adapted to your man’s profile

Men … always a real headache to know what to offer them! Between the traditional perfume or the all too common wallet, not easy to find an original and personal gift! helps you with its selection of gift ideas for all budgets. Whatever his profile (handyman, trendy, cook or adventurer), you will find a gift idea that will please him. Discovery! 

Gift ideas for an adventurous man

08245606-photo -diy-map-of-the-world.jpg
Your man dreams of discovering the world, go on safaris and explore the Savannah? Indulge your modern-day Indiana Jones with an appropriate gift. Nothing like a map of the world that will reveal his taste for travel. Framed, printed on a cushion or diverted on a chair or an original lamp, many ideas to please your spouse and introduce a touch of escape in his daily life.

Gift ideas for a handyman

08245648-photo- diy-rangements-outils.jpg
He handles brushes like nobody, puts shelves in no time, drills, sanders and other DIY tools have no secrets for him? Make him happy by offering him a gift with the image of his favorite hobby: DIY, while affixing your feminine imprint. The idea: make a wall key ring or a wooden shelf. The less skilled can opt for a custom frame made using screws, nuts and staples, easy and quick to achieve. What to delight the budding DIYers! If on the contrary, your man swears by gardening, no problem either! Make a garden tool holder with an old rake or wooden pallet.

Gift ideas for greedy boys

08245660-photo -cake-diy-paste-to-spread-and-olive-oil-to-the-clementine.jpg
Making a gift with your own hands is not just about decorating objects! Your child or teenager is fond of sweet treats and likes to discover new flavors? Bet on the novelty by making him a gourmet gift. Homemade spread, flavored olive oil, fragrant sugar with new notes, tasty box …. there are plenty of ideas on the canvas to pamper your toddler and develop his little puck.

Gift ideas for trendy men

08245690-photo- bow-tie-man-diy.jpg
Your best friend is on the lookout for the latest trends in men’s fashion. He loves knit snoods and fabric scows? Your half swears by the bow ties? It is therefore to tutorials dedicated to fashion that you will have to turn to make it the perfect gift. Be careful, basic sewing or knitting will be preferable if you decide to embark on an adventure.