Good tips for shining silverware

Natural products, tips tested and approved, methods of grandmothers … The chore is over! We explain how to clean and shine your silverware efficiently and durably. Black spots just have to stand!



– Clean your silverware with natural products
– Granny’s tricks for blackened silverware
– The method tested and approved
– Shine his silverware
– Protect your silverware



1. Clean your silverware with natural products

Baking soda: diluted in water, then soaked on a cloth, it turns out to be a cleanser of natural and effective silverware.
Ashes: sprinkle the ash from your chimney on your silver objects, then gently polish with a microfiber cloth.
Soda crystals: an unstoppable solution when the silverware is particularly fouled! Mix soda crystals with hot water and rub your cutlery and objects with a sponge soaked in this mixture.Rinse well and dry.
Flour: who would have believed it? Sprinkle your cutlery with flour and gently clean with a soft cloth.
The white clay stone: with a sponge moistened with clay stone, no need to scrub intensely! Then use a microfiber cloth to shine your silverware.



2. Grandma’s tips for blackened silverware

Grandmothers are (often) very good advice. Let’s listen to them carefully:
White vinegar: Mix it half / half with warm water and soak a sponge with this solution. Rub, rinse, admire!
The toothpaste (ideal for engraved silver): choose it white and without additive and use it as a cleanser! Your favorite tool? A soft toothbrush.Rinse and shine with a soft cloth.



3. The tested and approved method

This trick has proven itself more than once! We explain to you how to proceed:
– In a large salad bowl, place a sheet of aluminum against the wall.
– Pour hot water and add 3 tablespoons coarse salt.
– Soak your silverware until the oxidation disappears.
– Rinse, dry and enjoy your own silverware!
The idea? That the oxidation transfer be made from silver cutlery to aluminum foil. Smart!



4. Shine his silverware

Meudon’s white: prepare a homemade ointment using white Meudon and water, then rub it on your silverware before polishing it with a chamois leather.Brilliant result!
Curdled milk: in a deep enough salad bowl filled with curdled milk, plunge your silverware for a few minutes. Rinse then, let dry then polish with a soft cloth.
Black soap: Melt it in hot water, then, with a whisk, beat energetically until you get some froth. Soak your silverware a few minutes before rinsing and wiping.



5. Protect your silverware

You can really space your silverware cleaning by anticipating and protecting it properly. Silverware does not tolerate the light that makes it oxidize and therefore blacken. So store your cutlery, dishes and other items of dishes away from it. When you do not use all your silver paraphernalia, you can wrap it in tissue paper, flannel or dark tea towels.